TL Cheeze Satay

If you have follow my FB and IG you'll know that recently I wanna to inventing my own dishes call Cheeze Satay! 
I also don't know why suddenly I have this idea want to make it.. It just pop out from my mind one day.
And them last week I started this project went to super market bought few type of cheese. I have no idea how is this thing do... how to melt the cheese and cover the satay this is a question I have to face!
I try a several way to do but not success either the cheese not melt and cover the satay properly or else is too ugly look like baby's poopoo in the diapers! hahahaha

Of coz I didn't not give up lah...  Last last I success and found the method how to hold the cheese and cover the satay perfectly!
My first try is put the cheese on top of the cooked satay and heat it in the oven and microwave but both also not success. The cheese just melted did not stay on the satay like pizza way... it hard back on the plate once it cool!

This is how it look like after it melt in the oven and microwave!! Not the type I want but it still taste good!! cheese and satay is a very good combination.. no tipu you one! 

Then this is my another method try to melt the cheese see can cover the satay or not! 
I use foil paper to wrapped the cheese and satay!! Isn't it sound like a correct and better way??

I try to use 2 different cheese first... can't wait to see it success 

Lazy to use charcoal to grill it... temperately testing so I just grill in this way!!
I can feel that the cheese is melting in there and can smell nice and yummy already!

Once I open it and I saw this all like my baby diapers..hahahahahah
Of coz me no buang it away lah.. I eat!! lol

After the I fail with the foil paper method then I try with a small none stick fried pan to melt the cheese see can use dip the satay like eat Ambuyat or not lah!!

I use a very small fire to heat the pan to melt the cheese!!! This have to do it slowly and don't let the cheese over burn and have to keep the cheese melt all time before I dip the satay!!

After dip the cheese already need to keep turning the satay until the cheese a bit turn hard! 

Yeah.... I finally did it!!! This is how it look like!

I ask my little girl to taste it... she kinda like the cheese more than the satay... hehehe.
I guess my Cheeze Satay has no problem become children's favorite lah!!

Then I create another few flavor with my Cheeze Satay!! This is Japanese seaweed and sesame flavor!!! Yummy oh Bruthers!
Bah if next time I success this Cheeze Satay I open a hut selling this at night market you all come test test ok!! lol