Servicing Aircon

I can feel that the weather recently are starting getting warm and warm now. Some how this few day the sky like no rain I guess the hot season is coming soon. Living in the tropical country like us here doesn't matter what car you use, big or small, cheap or luxury the most important your car must have is the Aircon! In the afternoon if you Ferrari or Lamborghini the aircon rosak and jam at school area I use a Toyota Super Kijang also can Potong Jalan you girl!!
So as you can see how important we must have a/c with out car! 
Almost everyone here they own a car but not all the people know that the car a/c also need to do servicing every 2 years! Car a/c also same like car engine too... it need to change Gas, Filter and oil too!
But normally what the people do is wait until one day they realize the a/c not that cool anymore then bring the car and let the workshop check! But do you know that if you do at that way you may cost a bit more for repairing? This may cause the condenser or cooling coil leaking. 
I everyday use my car every day on the a/c. even raining day I also switch it on! I'm sure me not the only one who do that where! We here not like 4 season country there only use their a/c during summer! of coz their a/c more tahan than us one lah! House a/c also need to clean the filter every 3 to 4 month apa lagi the car a/c.... same same one!
I have to send and pickup my kids at school so my a/c cannot die one if not we all in the car die first some more my car is all black so no a/c is vert jialat one!
So today I sent my car to do servicing.. change 2 new filters, gas and cost me $130.00 now my car cooler than last time! I sampai have to add heat at night!!