#Project1983 Undercoat

Here come to the stage for undercoat my #Project1983 it just done in a day. So away from my new paint is not that far. But to fully complete the whole car I think still new one more week to go! The bumpers haven't done yet. The Sport seat haven't done yet! (yes I got a pair sport seat) Inside the car need to spray too... One of my friend kacao me said 'Wah... you project do 2 years already still have done ka' what he mean is this car start do from last year 2013 until this year 2014 hahahah! true also...walaupun is last year Novermber until now but still count last year until this year!

Slow never mind.... most important is good quality(Here)!! I'm not rushing them to do and I prefer they slowly do so I can slowly enjoy watch how it become transformer. 
I just notice that the windscreen had also take out and spray the frame! Wow... don't play play oh this project really take seriously one. The body cannot do 100% like new back in 1983 but got 90% new already happy!!
I still have few more things I have find which is the steering wheel and the Rims! Hope I got luck can find nice one here.. it not have to wait until it done then drive to KK there see have or not .

Inside also have to spray that's why everything must clear! 

Windscreen out!!!

Undercoat done!!!

Final touch.... must 100% smooth, no crack and not even a little tiny small hole!!

I started can imagine how it look like now with the new paint from here! 

Clean Clear Smooth!! Nice....