#Project1983 Spray Begin

After four months of #Project1983 finally today is the D-Day to paint. This is the color of the paint. Is a Jaguar Racing Green some people say this green is like the Hulk, Green Lantern and most of them like too in my IG and FB!!
BUT...... this is not yet done!!! This is not the final color you gonna see from here! There is few more thing it haven't spray on the green. Once the lacquer and some little magic+technic it will become another color again p/s: Especially under the Sun!
Unfortunately today spraying not really 100% successful... Because there is few spot are not nice... need to touch up again due to the little tiny small holes!!
Yes this #Project1983 really take seriously one no play play one small hole or crack also cannot pass one!! As you can see inside the car... almost every take out for paint one!! 
If the engine also take out...wah like that really really like Pimp My Ride sudah loh!!
Many people asking me where I do my Project... bah click HERE
So next time you see a Hulk/Green Lantern driving on the road you'll know where is this car paint one