#Project1983 Color Unveil

A lot of people see me first ask me what color am I going to do for my #Project1983 coz they can't wait to see me post the final touch of my car color that I post in the blog!
So today I let you see my color that I final decision for the car lah! This is the color I choose... Is a Jaguar Racing Green. Yes my favorite color actually is green from when I'm young. When the first time I saw the British Racing Green I already like it there. I always want to have a green color car like that but no chance coz this type of color either is custom spray one or is a luxury/expensive car have only! Now finally my dream coming soon but I  have a bit worry that the result doesn't come out as what I want! By look at the Sample it look like what I want here... but if spray on the car maybe is not the same... so this is kinda Gambling for me here. I wish I can win this time!
This Green color is I ask one shop special mix for me... Is follow the Jaguar Formula One green one!!
It look like a normal classic green nothing special one but once under the sunlight the color will change from dark green to a Diamond effect green! See the video below and you'll know what I mean!
Now the car is in cleaning stage, In and out have to wash then under coat. I think maybe next week #Project1983 are ready to change!!!