Photoshop Fail!!!

"Every Photo There Is A Story Behind It" 
Is true... that is why we all like to take photo nowaday to freeze the moment for remember it in future! 
But not all the photo we have is all good one sure go one is fail. Like this one recently I discovered is the one chinese communities cny group photo at icc spotted a lady hand like floating at the end left hand side of the photo! The head and body is gone... looks like this photo already edited by using Photoshop! When I look back the chinese news paper it also the same one!
When I received the original photo of the day they took then I understand why there is a hand there. Coz the original one the second seat no body sit so is ugly look in the picture! Of coz there is no Take 2 one... so after the group photo the far end lady sit on the chair and take one more time then do a little it photo edit... but unfortunately the hand did not remove away completely if not it will a perfect beautiful cny group photo there! 
But I really kinda curious why the photo editor didn't notice the lady hand is there! Only cover the head and chest part.

This is the original of the group photo!! The lady is standing there and the second chair is empty!