My Papago WayGO!600

This is the GPS I bought from KK that day I went to follow the Ford 4x4 Sabah Quest. The reason I want to buy a GPS is because I want to bring my family go back there and stay few day in Ranau. I found the place is really nice to visit must bring them go there play play.
I have no idea which and what brand GPS to buy so one of my 4x4 kaki friend show at the Germin GPS selling at Karamunsing. I almost want to buy there already but unfortunately the mall there they don't have money changer. So I went to Suria Sabah shopping mall there and change money then I also found a computer shop at second floor got sell this Papago gps.
If you ask me Garmin or Papago which one is good honestly speaking this gps things is new to me.. As long as the device can bring me to the destination is good already!
So about this Papago... I got the WayGO!600 I think is not bad lah. It has a lot of feature in the gadget like you can put song, movie or photo in there 6" touch screen with 2 years international warranty. Eh... basically is just like a tablet to me lah but only specialist for GPS use saja and it cost me RM619.00 arond B$240.00
It has already 4 country map built in included Brunei too. Of coz Brunei one map not all complete one lah. Although  is not complete but also enough for the driver to find the majority road like how to go to KB, Seria, Kiarong, Kiulap, Gadong. Even some lacal restaurant name also can find in the device like Excapade, Lee Loi Fatt KFC, Pizza Hut. Even Huaho also have inside too.
During the route is very accuracy not like other brand you drive on the road but the map you are other side of the road. I found this gps is very handy and easy to use... and the icon you also can change to other like car mini copper, bmw and even a robot transformer. My one I change into a Jet Fighter F16 feel like flying on the road when I use it jalan jalan in the town!
Bottom is a video that I demo how to use the WayGO!600. enjoy it!

 If you think that the papago I bought is a bit expensive but still wish to get one... Then you can try to buy this apps from iTunes. It got Papago and Garmin too! But Garmin one is more expansive lah!

But if I download this apps I prefer use Mini iPad to download it! Screen is bigger and better!!