Jeff Dunham Coming To KL

This is a good news for the Jeff Dunham Fans....hehehe me of coz is one of the fans here lah. My favorite is Walter grumpy old man and Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Soon he is coming to KL and have a show at the Sunway Convention Center on 20th May 2014. I think I going to watch it if I got time lah! Tickets you can buy it online... Click HERE.
Price: VIP Regular 420.00 RM 
CAT 1 A Regular 340.00 RM 
CAT 1 B Early Bird 290.00 RM 
CAT 2 A Regular 270.00 RM 
CAT 2 B Early Bird 230.00 RM 
CAT 3 A Regular 200.00 RM 
CAT 3 B Early Bird 170.00 RM 
CAT 4 A Regular 130.00 RM
CAT 4 B Early Bird 111.00 RM
Cheap leh the ticket... the cheapest one only less than B$50.00 why cannot go watch oh!! But only one problem for me is May 20th is Tuesday... which mean Monday have to fly there and come back on Wednesday..aiyo no school holiday some more lah... how ah!!! I want to watch oh!! :(
I think I have to be special nice to my wife this few weeks and get the Visa from here already.... hehehe