Geography Fail

Yesterday the photoshop fail and today has another fail which is one of the India News report the Malaysia MAS MH370 the show the map is Brunei map but become as Kuala Lumpur!
When I look at it I don't know should I laugh or speechless.
Me no school high high I also know where is India even I don't know where is the country I also know how to use the Google Maps to look for it lah!
Hehehe... I record it down first before one day they realize they wrong put Kuala Lumpur at Brunei! If you want to watch the full original video click HERE
Now everyday there have some new news about it but mostly is not about the missing MH370. All the focus now are move to others. Like the voodoo use Bubu to look for the plane then next thing is 3 man sit on the floor one doing paddle,one holding a basket and one holding 2 coconut.
And another one news report say the co-pilot is a Playboy.
Look like people now not interested the missing people in the plane... doesn't care they live or die!
Even I sit in the kopitian the people there all become investigator all guess this guess that! Some even worth say they may go into black hole already!
I really hope this can be ending soon... no more funny news cover the missing plane lah!