Ford 4x4 Sabah Quest Flag Off

I had heard many people said there is so much fun going to Sabah using 4x4 car there and explore the places there. I had follow one of my friend's Ninja Turtle go KK once few years ago but is not really feel like off road there.. more like a road trip to KK. 
But this time I have another new experience of follow the Brunei Ford kaki travel 1700km make a big round circle across the Sabah! This is a awesome 5 days 4 nights trip you must be psychical tough and also the car have to tough too!
During the day one we from Brunei-Tenom-Keningau-Maliau Basin and reach Tawau took 16 hours! When check in the hotel already 9pm... is very tired but Fun. I see a lot of thing that my daily life I don't see one! There is one part I like is when we going up the Bukit Layang-Layang. The road look like is a straight and flat road but the car 3rd gear also cannot go!! Then I look back the rear window I realize that we are up hill like the Subok hill there!

This trip is organize by the Premier Automobiles Sdn. Bhd. I can say is more like a family trip to Sabah that's is why you see got from kids 3 years old to old grandpa grandma, we have about 16 ford cars and 50plus people in the group. Everything is smooth and steady... all safe no car rosak or anyone get hurt there! Only my butt is sakit sit on the car for 16 hours during the 1st day and at night I notice I have a big nipple on my ass!!! lol

We spent 2 night at Tawau there, one night at Sandakan and one night at KK. Went to many palaces but my favorite place is the Ranau there... God the place really beautiful lah.. I didn't know it was so awesome there. I had heard people say the place is nice but from photo I cannot see how nice until I see by my own eyes it's really awesome and beautiful. After we came down and reach KK I straight ask to bring me to buy a GPS (I got the Papago) for ready my next trip coz I want to bring my wife and kids to come here next time!

Indeed this is a tried trip but fun! I salute my new friend Norsamri Hj Johari he can tahan drive not need to change driver! Oh..... and also salute to the number 3 car the Haji too, really strong lah him he is the oldest driver in the group also no change driver from day one to Tawau and back to Brunei!!
Nice to meet you all and hope to join you guys again next time!

Doa Selamat first before we go Kuala Lurah chop passport 

That's the Hj.. don't play play he is really strong lah can tahan drive so long hour! Me day trip to Miri already cannot stand liao!

That's my drive...hehehe handsome right him!!

Another 2 media from Media Permata and Borneo Bulletin also same car together!

Our first stop at and group photo after pass Temburong post!

Here is start we going up to Bukit Layang-Layang!! 

We make it!!!

Refuel at the Keningau
This is the place we have lunch!!!

Eh Hello Friend... Order first lah Lapar sudah oh!!!

Everyone so hungry already coz we start jalan at 6am no eat breakfast and reach here already afternoon that's why very hungry!

My first time eat Nasi Goreng Payau

After we finish our lunch we continue heading to our journey to the Southern of Sabah

This place start no phone signal already and if you lucky you'll see Borneo elephant also called the Borneo pygmy elephant crossing the road!

We have reach to the Maliau Basin a.k.a Sabah Lost World!!
Toilet business very good here today!! hehehe

All the car started dirty!!!

Continue to drive and this is road now look like. all batu-batu for about 40km! Few years ago is still muddy road very hard to drive after rain. But soon this gonna be tar road.

Now here start better road and is new!!!!

We reaach Tawau already night time!!!

9pm check in hotel and everyone tired sudah! 

Next day morning we go one and only hot spring at Tawau! 

I see an intruder... hehehe

Hot Spring Entrance!!

Are you ready???

Feel like going to our Tasik Lama there!

Nice right the hot spring here! 

Me no swim.. just relax my legs!!

Group photo at the Tawau Hot Spring.

A small gift from the De Choice Hotel

Good Bye Tawau....

On the way to Sandakan.. this is where we pass by at Kinabatangan 

Lunch at the Kinabatangan KFC

The toilet here very popular here... hehe

Kinabatangan town!! This place remind me of Berakas Camp there!

Another Refuel before we enter to Sandakan

This is where we stay at the Sandakan

This place the Astro Asia Food Channel the Axian got introduce one!! We makan here and also a farewell dinner too. coz in KK we don't have time to do also. give more time to the team and family for shopping there! 

Panorama view in the restaurant! 

Hehehe I also have!!! Thank you BOY!!

Next day 8am again we start jalan heading to KK.

We saw an Bus accident at the Lahad Datu there. Scary right....

We reach to Ranau.. this place really beautiful oh!!! I want to bring my family here next time!

Stop for shopping... 

Abang....Banyak Handsome Eh!!

I bought some souvenir for my kids from here!!
a "What does the fox say" hat!!!

After 45 minutes rest the sky started rain!!! I make us more hard and need more careful to go down hill!!

We can't see the coming car in 50 meter away!!

Finally we arrived to KK. This is hotel we stay at KK Zara's Boutique Hotel
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