Flying Carpet To Be Continue

Unbelievable this Malaysia Voodoo news now the fire burning bigger and bigger. At first I'm think after the flying carpet show at the KL airport it will end but unfortunately this story is like tsunami the second wave is bigger and higher! Now in the youtube you type Raja Bomoh you'll find more video of other people doing the flying carpet show to embarrassing him! Now even got Apps come out also.
I think is this the flying carpet video is the second most popular people follow to do and post in youtube after the PSY Oppa Gangnam Style!!! Steady lah really.. with in 2 days already so many people make the video and got apps also!

Today the voodoo guys post another video (Watch HERE) this is the 3rd video in Social Media now after the MH370. Hope this is the last video of him lah... it has to stop now if not more embarrassing himself and also Malaysia too!