Chevrolet Colorado And Trailblazer Test Drive

This day is getting more and more people fall in love with playing 4x4 car even me too also slowly like but I'm a newbie there is a lot of knowledge still need to know more! My #Project1983 now still under construction I hope next month can on the road lah!
So how to choose a good 4x4 this is a tough question... There is so many good brand car in town also got very good name in history of 4x4 Truck and SUV. If you plan to get a 4x4 not only you need to get advices from the 4x4 kaki but also you must have a real off road test drive experience. 
GHK Motors group has looking at this point special arrange a Off Road test drive with the  new launching Chevrolet Colorado and Trailblazer at the Tanah Jambu the off road field there for 2 days!
The event is open for public let everyone have a chance to test drive both car but of coz you need to valid car driving license lah. 
Me want to test the trailblazer it long time already finally I test it during last Saturday! At first I'm kinda nervous one... I takut I gonna bang the car or stuck in the mud or what so ever. But surprisingly this car is very easy to handle on off road. The power is great lah.. a 2.8 diesel turbo up hill like nothing, no problem at all... Just a little bit acceleration the diesel turbo easily bring you to another level of off road experience there! I really satisfied the test drive... thumbs up with the car!!
If this car modified add additional 6 inch higher+after market suspension+33 MT tyre... aiyoyo I must be very awesome lah!

I only got time test the Trailblazer saja... Sayang no enough time to test the Colorado!! Next time saja lah.. see any of my friends got buy one I borrow borrow one time test drive again!

During the event there is 1 type of engine to test drive.. one is 2.5cc and another one is 2.8cc

Visitors must register first and with valid driving license before to test drive the Colorado and Trailblazer! 

Visitors not only have a chance to test drive the cars but also have a chance to win some prize in this Lucky Dip here! 

I got the Orlando already... guess what is my next target?? hehe

She may be the next lady 4x4 kaki tu don't play play!!

Customers checking out the MT tyre and the suspension! 

Now is my turn to test drive the car!! Let's Rock and Roll the Trailblazer with Tony Chua!

Can I do a fly over here Tony??? hehehe

Group Photo with the Chevrolet Sales Team!!!