BG Car Lelong

Come come come... Got good lobang here! Today got some BG car open for tender total is 24 cars!
Most of the car is Mercedes Benz like the S600 V12.... but the problem is we don't know what is the problem of the car! Cannot tell what broken or can drive or not one.. but the price is really cheap oh!
The cheapest car in the list is the 2001 a 13 years Mitsubishi Pajero only B$1800.00 but already accident at the front!
The most popular one is the Toyota Land II only B$3000.00 almost everyone come here is look for this car! From outside the car look like nothing wrong! But I don't know why it sell that cheap lah... not sure the gear box or engine is working or not!

If you interested any the car here want to tender you have to pay B$50.00 (non-refundable) and get the form. Me also thinking want to get one car here but cannot tell you what car lah.. later you know which one and tender higher than me one!!
This is open to the public from today 13th until 17th f March... remember to bring IC oh if not cannot tender one oh!

If I'm a mechanic know how to fix the Benz I'm sure going to tender some of that car back home and slowly fixing it then sell it again to make money! 

 Today I see many Offroad kaki came here for this Land II coz this car many people love this for offroad one... and they modified it to high high and fit big wheel!

 I know for some buyer they want this car is not for the engine one... coz they want to put a Turbo Engine in there... as long as the body is nice and cheap then is Ok liao! 

 Inside still very nice although is many years already!!

So far I only see the bumper here is rusty the rest os ok!!

To get this form you must pay B$50.00 first if not cannot tender oh!!