Chevrolet Colorado And Trailblazer Test Drive

This day is getting more and more people fall in love with playing 4x4 car even me too also slowly like but I'm a newbie there is a lot of knowledge still need to know more! My #Project1983 now still under construction I hope next month can on the road lah!
So how to choose a good 4x4 this is a tough question... There is so many good brand car in town also got very good name in history of 4x4 Truck and SUV. If you plan to get a 4x4 not only you need to get advices from the 4x4 kaki but also you must have a real off road test drive experience. 
GHK Motors group has looking at this point special arrange a Off Road test drive with the  new launching Chevrolet Colorado and Trailblazer at the Tanah Jambu the off road field there for 2 days!
The event is open for public let everyone have a chance to test drive both car but of coz you need to valid car driving license lah. 
Me want to test the trailblazer it long time already finally I test it during last Saturday! At first I'm kinda nervous one... I takut I gonna bang the car or stuck in the mud or what so ever. But surprisingly this car is very easy to handle on off road. The power is great lah.. a 2.8 diesel turbo up hill like nothing, no problem at all... Just a little bit acceleration the diesel turbo easily bring you to another level of off road experience there! I really satisfied the test drive... thumbs up with the car!!
If this car modified add additional 6 inch higher+after market suspension+33 MT tyre... aiyoyo I must be very awesome lah!

I only got time test the Trailblazer saja... Sayang no enough time to test the Colorado!! Next time saja lah.. see any of my friends got buy one I borrow borrow one time test drive again!

During the event there is 1 type of engine to test drive.. one is 2.5cc and another one is 2.8cc

Visitors must register first and with valid driving license before to test drive the Colorado and Trailblazer! 

Visitors not only have a chance to test drive the cars but also have a chance to win some prize in this Lucky Dip here! 

I got the Orlando already... guess what is my next target?? hehe

She may be the next lady 4x4 kaki tu don't play play!!

Customers checking out the MT tyre and the suspension! 

Now is my turn to test drive the car!! Let's Rock and Roll the Trailblazer with Tony Chua!

Can I do a fly over here Tony??? hehehe

Group Photo with the Chevrolet Sales Team!!!

TL Cheeze Satay

If you have follow my FB and IG you'll know that recently I wanna to inventing my own dishes call Cheeze Satay! 
I also don't know why suddenly I have this idea want to make it.. It just pop out from my mind one day.
And them last week I started this project went to super market bought few type of cheese. I have no idea how is this thing do... how to melt the cheese and cover the satay this is a question I have to face!
I try a several way to do but not success either the cheese not melt and cover the satay properly or else is too ugly look like baby's poopoo in the diapers! hahahaha

Of coz I didn't not give up lah...  Last last I success and found the method how to hold the cheese and cover the satay perfectly!
My first try is put the cheese on top of the cooked satay and heat it in the oven and microwave but both also not success. The cheese just melted did not stay on the satay like pizza way... it hard back on the plate once it cool!

This is how it look like after it melt in the oven and microwave!! Not the type I want but it still taste good!! cheese and satay is a very good combination.. no tipu you one! 

Then this is my another method try to melt the cheese see can cover the satay or not! 
I use foil paper to wrapped the cheese and satay!! Isn't it sound like a correct and better way??

I try to use 2 different cheese first... can't wait to see it success 

Lazy to use charcoal to grill it... temperately testing so I just grill in this way!!
I can feel that the cheese is melting in there and can smell nice and yummy already!

Once I open it and I saw this all like my baby diapers..hahahahahah
Of coz me no buang it away lah.. I eat!! lol

After the I fail with the foil paper method then I try with a small none stick fried pan to melt the cheese see can use dip the satay like eat Ambuyat or not lah!!

I use a very small fire to heat the pan to melt the cheese!!! This have to do it slowly and don't let the cheese over burn and have to keep the cheese melt all time before I dip the satay!!

After dip the cheese already need to keep turning the satay until the cheese a bit turn hard! 

Yeah.... I finally did it!!! This is how it look like!

I ask my little girl to taste it... she kinda like the cheese more than the satay... hehehe.
I guess my Cheeze Satay has no problem become children's favorite lah!!

Then I create another few flavor with my Cheeze Satay!! This is Japanese seaweed and sesame flavor!!! Yummy oh Bruthers!
Bah if next time I success this Cheeze Satay I open a hut selling this at night market you all come test test ok!! lol

Nissan Navara An Oasis Adventure Flag Off

That's right!!! Big Boy Toys must go wet and sweat baru ngam. If is sit in the room one that is call baby toys lah this baru lah Man's stuff bro! Nissan Boustead Sdn Bhd had just organize a off road trip for the Nissan Navara and Petrol owner to experience the off road trip from Brunei to Lawas. In the trip they visit the Hot Sping, Long Lidong and check out a site where a British's helicopter crash during WWII. 
During the 3 days 2 nights trip the team have learn how to handle their 4x4 like down hill, 4H and 4L and the judgment of the road! 
The trip although is not long but I heard the took 6 hours to travel the distance like from Bandar to Lumut! Wow that's really sound like a tough road they have... No wonder they car must all have MT tire lah! They have clocked about 300km during the trip. Good to hear that everyone was enjoy and no one hurt or accident. hehehe but my friend's car tyre pomchi lah!! No worries coz Boustead got a special team to fix all kind of technical or mechanic problem follow the trip!

A group photo first at Lawas Emigration check point!

After here no more asphalt road! So have to reduce the tyre air pressure before hitting to the rocky, sandy and muddy road!

What a nice beautiful view from here see they all coming!!

This place has no more public toilet one oh... If want to go peepee then go choose your favorite tree there! 

Tyre Pomchi??? No worries... we got AhLong right!!!

Group Photo first bruthers before to Check in!!!

For all the tired long drive this is all worth lah!!

Look like a the Iban's Long House here!!

Next day go swimming with the Semah Fish!!

You can only swim and touch with the Semah fish here... cannot catch one oh coz is protected one!
Some how semah fish is very expensive one... some up to RM100.00 per KG!!

Then next is go see the British's Helicopter that crash during WW2.

This is the top part motor where the helicopter propeller!!

Last stop at the Southern Comfort!

This the lobby where you can sleep here at night if you want too! Of coz visit just rest rest saja lah.

Very unique this place!!!

Alright guys..... Dinner are ready to serve!

Everyone must be very hungry now!!

See you all again!!!!

To view more picture of the trip 

My Papago WayGO!600

This is the GPS I bought from KK that day I went to follow the Ford 4x4 Sabah Quest. The reason I want to buy a GPS is because I want to bring my family go back there and stay few day in Ranau. I found the place is really nice to visit must bring them go there play play.
I have no idea which and what brand GPS to buy so one of my 4x4 kaki friend show at the Germin GPS selling at Karamunsing. I almost want to buy there already but unfortunately the mall there they don't have money changer. So I went to Suria Sabah shopping mall there and change money then I also found a computer shop at second floor got sell this Papago gps.
If you ask me Garmin or Papago which one is good honestly speaking this gps things is new to me.. As long as the device can bring me to the destination is good already!
So about this Papago... I got the WayGO!600 I think is not bad lah. It has a lot of feature in the gadget like you can put song, movie or photo in there 6" touch screen with 2 years international warranty. Eh... basically is just like a tablet to me lah but only specialist for GPS use saja and it cost me RM619.00 arond B$240.00
It has already 4 country map built in included Brunei too. Of coz Brunei one map not all complete one lah. Although  is not complete but also enough for the driver to find the majority road like how to go to KB, Seria, Kiarong, Kiulap, Gadong. Even some lacal restaurant name also can find in the device like Excapade, Lee Loi Fatt KFC, Pizza Hut. Even Huaho also have inside too.
During the route is very accuracy not like other brand you drive on the road but the map you are other side of the road. I found this gps is very handy and easy to use... and the icon you also can change to other like car mini copper, bmw and even a robot transformer. My one I change into a Jet Fighter F16 feel like flying on the road when I use it jalan jalan in the town!
Bottom is a video that I demo how to use the WayGO!600. enjoy it!

 If you think that the papago I bought is a bit expensive but still wish to get one... Then you can try to buy this apps from iTunes. It got Papago and Garmin too! But Garmin one is more expansive lah!

But if I download this apps I prefer use Mini iPad to download it! Screen is bigger and better!!