Sungai Liang Fried Kway Teow

Good news good news bruthers!! If you know like the Sungai Liang fried Kway Teow there one next to the Ladi juntion Traffic lights one now we from bandar people not need to go far far or every time go Seria have to stop by and eat there! Now at Bandar also have one too! They just open one outlet just next to Sui Heng there (Click Here
They just open 2 days ago. I had met the Sungai Liang owner before the Chinese New Year! He told me will open after Chinese New Year now finally it open! 
The taste I can say is nothing different here with the Sungai Liang one! The different things is the prices and got Aircon. Of coz it will just a little higher pay what you eat here than Sg.Liang lah coz here got Rent to pay there don't have. 
Oh... the menu here are also different than Sg.Liang too. Here got Laksa and the Fried Hway Teow got Prawn one.. Old place only have Chicken and Beef!
This morning when I share it in my IG got some friends ask me is this Halal or not! I did not really go see they have the Halal certificate hang on the wall or not but I saw their Menu got Halal Certified logo printed on top there lah!!
Their Restaurant name also very unique one... is call "My Favoureat Restaurant"
Bah you go eat and try see how lah!! Me I like loh...