STARIUS Power Bank

 No one can deny that Technology is now playing a larger and more important role in everyday lives, and one of the major challenges to this daily reliance on Technology is the ability to keep our devices turned on through out the whole day, this is why Concepts Computer is launching the STARIUS Portable Power Banks.  Power Banks are rechargeable batteries enclosed in portable casings which can provides charges for smart devices like phones, tablets and even portable music devices. And as these devices are now a big part of our lives, Concepts Computer will launch a slew of different models of power banks from STARIUS in to the Bruneian market. Each model will have its own specific power-rating and is meant to fulfill specific needs of different devices and users.  STARIUS, a player in the Power Bank sector, aims to provide highly affordable power banks for everyday users who are looking to bring power for their devices on-the-go. In moving towards this goal, STARIUS has also implemented multiple technological measures to ensure the best products possible, these measures include the use of highly durable materials for the casing, the use of fast charging batteries for the power source, the implementation of Intelligent Protection to prevent against over-charging, against over-discharging, against over-loading or against short-circuits. And according to the devices power-ratings, Starius power banks promises multiple recharge times, some times up to 3 separate recharge times. 

There will be 2 different ratings available for the Starius Portable Power Banks, the low to medium duty power banks and the heavy duty power banks. There will be 3 models available at Concepts Computer in the low to medium duty power banks rating; the 1st model is the STARIUS Portable Power Bank 2600mAh, available for $ 18; the 2nd model is the STARIUS Portable Power Bank 5600mAh, available for $ 28; and the last model is the STARIUS Portable Power Bank 7800mAh, available for $ 38 only. These three models are aimed at smart-phones and portable music devices, bringing portable power for these devices at affordable prices.

For heavy duty power banks, Concepts Computer will have 2 models from STARIUS. The 1st model is the STARIUS Portable Power Bank 11,200mAh, available for $ 48; the 2nd model is the STARIUS Portable Power Bank 13,000mAh, available for only $ 58. These 2 models are aimed at smart phones with larger screens, portable Wi-Fi hotspot devices and smart tablets, all three devices which consumes a lot more power and needs a large power rating. Also, all STARIUS Portable Power Bank comes with 1 year warranty with a one-to-one return policy, this applies to both levels, low to mid duty power banks and to heavy duty power banks.

 Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer said, ”Providing these STARIUS Portable Power Banks to the Bruneian market is the next step in Concepts Computer's diversification and expansion into different sectors of the Bruneian IT market.” He continued, ”Concepts Computer is still committed in providing new and exciting solutions at an affordable price-point , and this partnership with STARIUS is prove of that.”  For more information, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552.