S.E.A Aquarium

This is good place bring your kids come and see the Sea World!!!
Many years ago I went to see the Bangkok and see the Siam Ocean World at that time if I'm not wrong is the Biggest Aquarium In South East Asia but now is here in Sentosa!
If you plan to come here I recommended you come in the morning better because after this place you can go to the Universal Studios there play play! If not sayang not enough time play also alang-alang half half no kick. And also the Universal Studios close at 6pm, come in the afternoon is not a good idea loh!
During my trip in this Sentosa I mostly take video of my kids in the park. So that's the reason you don't see me post my photo here. Sorry ah... jangan marah ya! But is true the place is awesome lah.. worth to come visit see see look look! You'll feel like walking in a Big fish tank.. every way is fish!! Big fish. small fish, up down left right also go fish! Some time I imagine are we come here to see fish or let the fish see us!! We end is not a good idea to come here coz is really people every way especially the China Tour... wah walk also sudah apa lagi want to see the small fish in the small tank!
I got 2 kids and bring 2 strollers.. lucky got bring if not I don't know where is my kids gone in there! Inside not only many people but also dark so if you anak lost susah tu!!!
So make sure you must always together with your kids.. don't you see your, they see theirs.. later follow wrong tour balik China oh..hehehe

This is the World's Largest Aquarium and World's Largest Acrylic Viewing Panel!!!!
I'm sure you come here first thing is Wow.... so awesome!!! second thing is everyone also think is.. If the glass break how ah!!! lol
Aiyo... we watch too much movie liao lah.. this only in movie have one!

Everyone come here sure spend a 5 to 10 minutes relax and enjoy the sea world!!! You can lay down or sleep here and watch the tank also can.. nobody care you one. Coz is really relax and awesome with the fish swim here and there no one want to see to sleep one!!

Yes the fish is really beautiful here... but some visitors come here I hear they say is... Wah this one Steam very nice!!! Jialat....

My kids counting this fishes there...

Panorama view in another side of the tank!