Richard Mille

Can you imagine the how many G-Shock I have to collect and and just to equal one Richard Mille I wear you see in the picture? 
G-Shock has 30 years already and launch more than two thousand plus models of G-Shock until now which me I need collect more than half of that baru equal one of that watch I borrow wear last night for 2 minutes!
How much is the watch? No much lah... is like a Nissan GTR on my wrist there lah!!
Got chance to see see look look people wear this next to you already not bad liao now I even got chance to wear for 2 minutes take take picture already happy deep deep!! This kind of watch no way I got chance to buy one.. unless I really really kaya like roti kahwin lah!!
I had hear this Richard Mille for quite some years already but never see people here wear one! Last night went to my bruther's Open House and saw my cousin wearing this.. apa lagi of coz ask him to pinjam wear wear happy happy first lah! The moment I wear it I feel like I dip in a Jacuzzi... ah nyaman lah!!! You wait one day I kana jackpot I sure buy only dreaming first lah!
The one I like is the one Skull Nano Ceramic RM 52-01. Not only me like it lah I'm sure many man also like it too. Wah this one really don't play play oh... The person who own this their bank account must have at least 7 zero behind oh!! 

I wonder how I can keep the 1000 pieces of G-Shock in my room just to equal one Richard Mille... Lol I think I need a museum for that!!