#Project1983 Install Turbo Bonnet

Hello.... Welcome back to my #Project1983. Yes my project has stopped since last year because due to the long holiday first is the X'mas then is the New Year then again is the Chinese New Year! The workers one by one go back home so no choice my project have to postpone and continue after Chinese New Year lah!
So now CNY has over and back to business. last thing about the #project1983 is fixing the tyres. Now you see the body is finish welding and putty. But before the car go for spray paint there is few more things to do... like sand paper and under coat it!
Yap... still got few more thing to do lah... I think maybe 3weeks to go then if finally done!
Today is install the turbo bonnet even though is doesn't have a turbo at the moment but never mind lah for good looking also can lah... when next time go KK then baru look for a Turbo Engine and fit there lah!
At first I tot this bonnet can fit perfectly but it wasn't!!! There is a lot of things to modified and is gonna cost a lot of time and material. Is a bit shorter but more wider there... No way is gonna spent that time and money to do that. My friend he told me better just cut out the Air Intake and put on my old bonnet more better... save time, job and money. So we decide to cut it off and I really happy to see the result!!!!

 This is how it look like when the original bonnet with turbo air intake one...
From this side it look nice already....

 But is not.... if you look from the side here.. you see or not?? Is shorter right! and also there is a big gap there! too many things to modified so no jadi to use it.. 

 We cut it off.... 

 This is now with my original bonnet... I call it Turbo Tipu!!!! lol

 I know is look ugly here.. but no worries once is putty and it look like original!!

Can't wait to see how it look with the new paint!!!