#Project1983 Install Snorkel

Here come my next stage of the #Project1983. I got this Snorkel from one of my friend's 4x4 accessory shop at Manglait the IronMan 4x4 there next to the Subaru Showroom! I got this with very good prices lah... Soon when the car is done and renew roadtax I'll get some more stuff from there again. At the moment just this snorkel first lah!
When I post this photo in my IG and FB some people asking me why not wait until the new paint done already then install the snorkel? I have a good reason why one... not just simply do! I reason is because I don't what later when install the snorkel cut hole the time it damage my new paint! Now is the best time to install. drill hole, fit first see nice nice already then take out again! When done the new paint then put back again!!
After fit the snorkel already my #project1983 started go 4x4 look liao! Not like last time like Nerd one!
No worries lah... few more stuff is coming to dress up my Nerd and make him look handsome soon!!

 Grind the hole make it smooth!! That's the reason why install it before spray the new paint! 

Done!!! Now can go diving liao my #Project1983 hehehe