#Project1983 Enjoy Body Scrub

After fixing the air intake Snorkel and putty now #Project1983 is going to have a nice and relaxing BodyScrub. This is the stage that finalist the body to be smooth and this must be done 100% by hand. Good or not good with the body this must see the Guru got experience liao!! And must nice and slowly cannot rush or have bad mood one! If not the body sand paper will have wave look!
My #Project1983 is the whole body, every corner must be sand. Not just the putty parts sanded.... As long as the body need to spray paint then must have to sand it clean and smooth!
Sampai the worker said this car want to come out like the day she born....heheheh
The body scrub still continue tomorrow for the bonnet and the roof. Inside the car just wash not need to sand paper! By next week #Project 1983 will do the undercoat first before spray new paint. So stay tune bruthers... don't go away!!!