#Project1983 Engine Bay Rusty

This time #Project1983 is the restoring the engine bay. Actually that area is not thing much to do only the Battery area is more Jialat part! Not only that rusty but also got a holes can see through.
But is ok one lah... for them know how to fit is just like a piece of cake.
I think this is part is the last part of the car need to welding. No away from start painting my #Project1983 is not that far! After fixing this engine bay the next thing is to aliment the body like the gab between the doors, fenders and bonnet!! Then is to sand paper the whole car... then is spray undercoat and again is the color!! By looking the time table.. I guess my #Project1983 by next month car finish already.. The first thing when is done I have to bring it to Land Transport to renew the road tax after that then you'll see me driving this car most of the time!

After the color... some reader already asking me what color I'm going to use. I still haven't put the final decision what color I want to use for #project1983 but I already make some sample already. Final decision will post it in here my next post!!!
Give you a little bit idea what color.....
Is a color that you can find in Formula One!!!! hehehe.. I'm sure you think is red right..hehehe

Look... jialat right!!