My Small World Big Sale

Yo... check it out!! Here come another good lobang happen in town! The shop "My Small World" located at the Citis Square there they having a big sale!! The big sale not only is items 20-70% off only!!! Is Everything There Must Go... No kidding one even the Casher Counter, Aircon, Rack and Stand also sell!!!
There have Baby and kid cloths, Bicycle, Toys, Book, Candy, Science toys, School Bag. Stationaries and many more! Mostly I see there is toys lah. So if you go friend's children birthday coming soon.. that's is the good place to go! I buy few thing from there just now standby for my friend's anak but of coz also buy some for myself too lah..hehehe I buy a Ant's House!! Is a glass fill with blur jelly. Catch some ant and put in there.. few hours you can see them make house already! I have this before when young but we use soil put in a coffee glass!!
Another good deal is if you already their member you can still use their member card to purchase get another 5% off which mean that if the toy is 30% off already you'll get 35% off!

Why they having such a big sale now I heard is they expand their business to other country open branch there. They not going to ship the good oversea so they sell it all cheap cheap!!
Hurry up go there see see look look and search anything to may find there!

It say "Everything Must Go" the doors I want to buy they want to sell or not oh..hehehe 

 Bicycle also have 30% off!!

 Anyone here want to stock up this???

 I like this but too bad my room no place to put!!! Is a Alarm Clock that project a moon, It follow the real moon position from East to West!! Cool right..

 Kite also have!!!

 This is the Ant's House I buy!! Next time I show you my ants how they build their house in there!

 I wonder the owner want to sell this or not!! Later I try to offer them.. hehehe

Really Everything Much Go.. no play play!!