My G-Shock Camouflage Arrieve

This is my latest G-Shock collection. When I first time I saw it post in a facebook group I already no think twice straight away I place my order buy 2. One is grey one is green but unfortunately this model camouflage series is really hot in the world now easy to get!! I know get the grey one.. still hoping one day I can get the grey too. I must get this 2 coz is one pair one.. rare and worth to collect!
I had ask my friend in Singapore and Malaysia if they saw this at G-Factory must buy for me!
Me at the moment don't care where can buy I must try... if not buy it early sure the price is getting higher and higher.. Like this one I grey one I bought is B$239.00 but I went to Ebay I saw one already fried the prices up to USD$233.00. I try my luck lah.. I place the bit there for USD$242 which is around B$306.00. Just release in Japan last week now the price got up no down!!
This is just 2 model of -X6900CM already like that... I wonder what will happen when the next 5 pieces of the Camouflage version come out would it also like that too!!

I place my bit... Don't know how much it will goes  later!

 This is the one I got now!!!

This is another one I try to get!!! Nice right...