Love Is All Around

One day I was checking out my mail and I saw one of my reader she message me asking to share a info which is a young man need blood type A. I was really shock that this young man who need blood type A because of kidney problem... hey he is the one I share a photo in my FB and IG which I salute him that he take his job seriously sit under the sun there and I ask him why not stand under the tree got shadow... He reply is Ok I'm fine!
Because of that... I really impress coz this day really hard to find a young man can like that! 

After I read the message that he need help I don't even think twice. I straight away open my Facebook Page account, Instagram, Twitter and share this info. With in 2 days there is more that 350 times share in the facebook more than 70k people read it! After that glad to hear that this young man go back home and rest.... Which I think now he is ok lah...
Thanks to all of you people help also too... if not jialat

Social Network is a very powerful tools in this day like the WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and twitter almost everyone who own a smartphone sure have one of this apps in the phone! We should know how to use it in the right way. It can safe a life but also can take away too. I see s lot this day many people use it in a wrong way... spread fake news, hoax, photos, message etc and some even use fake account to created hate and making people up set only! 
Please... use it in the right way... Share useful info or happy stuff lah.. Funny video or beautiful story and picture kah...  Apalah one people like to post people accident die no hand no head video or photo...
Every time I see that in FB I sure go report to fb one.. gali you know don't share it anymore lah please!

What I want to share here is even we all don't know who is this young man ( even me too) but I can see that we all care and love our people here! This is really beautiful... and I'm sure this love not every country can find! We should have this soul forever and ever...
I love to see we all love to give a hand to the people need help! Like the car accidents.... many people like to slow down.. For some people they may say "Oh... so busy body see people accident that's is why jam so bad lah" 
Hey... this is wrong.. we all like to slow down and watch is because we may give a hand to help! You see all the serious accident sure you see Bruneian come down their car and help one... This is so nice here, if other counties mostly they say " this is none of my business!"

"Love Is All Around" I always believe of that. Not only that I believe and I always see it.
Beach Bunch, Earth Hours, Smarter, HSBC-SCB-BIBD Charity Run etc... all this people who taking part I'm sure they all are good person and with love in their heart!

To my bruther... Hey bro I don't know you and your name but you steady... I like you!! you rest good good at home Ok! Love is all around in Brunei. Take care, Live Strong and Never Give Up!!! 

Friends and Staffs pay visit to him at Ripas!