Krispy Cone Pizza Official Opening!

Have you ever try the Pizza in the Cone? No right.. Me too, Today is my first time I eat this unique way eat the Pizza like eating the ice-cream but without licking the pizza lah..hehehe
It is very unique loh eat the pizza like that! Some say this kind of Cone Pizza in other country already have few years ago but I go many places still never see like that, this is my first time loh! 
Now we don't have to go far far and eat.. come Gadong The Mall already have! The Krispy Cone Pizza now official opening this morning. The are located at the 3rd Floor next to the Uni Arcade!
They have 8 different type of flavor in their menu Teriyaki Chicken, Veggie Delight, Classic Chicken, Tropical Hawaiian, Meat Mania, Honey Garlic Chicken, Tuna Lover, Beef Pepperoni all are B$2.90 per cone!!
I had try few flavor of their Cone Pizza and I like the Honey Garlic Chicken and Tropical Hawaiian. Recommended you eat it when is fresh and and warm. If you tapao go home eat I'm sure the taste is different already! One thing special about this Cone Pizza is the cone from head to toe is crispy one not like traditional pizza only the side are crispy so if you eat the cone pizza must hot hot crispy eat baru nyaman.
Another thing is Krispy Cone Pizza are very easy and convenient to eat especially for kids... not need to worries the stuffing will fall and kana your kid's cloth! The stuffing is totally fill full full until the bottom one with every cone you order! So until the last bite you still have kick not like ordinary pizza left the roti! Bah go try it lah yourself... 

Red red shop... Look like selling Strawberry from outside!!

Very simple and clear with their menu on the wall!!!

 Not easy to do oh... must go system and slowly fill up layer by layer before bake it!~

 Beef Pepperoni

 Tune Lovers

 Honey Garlic Chicken

 This is the actual size of the Cone Pizza!!! Me eat 2 come already fell very full.

 This is my last bite... look still got stuffing bruther!!!

 Teriyaki Chicken

Veggie Delight