Flappy Bird

Now need I say now you look and the image also know this is the the latest hot stuff in the 2 week right! For some uncle auntie if you don't know what is this then you better don't want to know lah.. if you play this sure you blood pressure go high high one... Now even you want to play also cannot play too coz the creator of this apps guys he took it down already. Only for the Android if you go some 3rd party download site still have get it.
I got this Flappy Bird apps from the iTunes day before it took it down. I saw this game from last year already but no don't know it and play due to not interested. But now I play is because it hot back again and also because it take down already. Just like a celebrity after he/she die already then people hot hot want to watch back their movie or song!!! So same same to this Flappy Bird lah..
Some people even selling their smart phone with the apps for more than 10k... crazy.. like that also can!

So me don't want to lost too... me also follow the wing and play. Indeed this game will make people goes MAD! You'll feel that this game is kinda easy to play in the first place... just tap tap tap and make the bird fly in between the piles! But few time you game over your start Panas Hati already.
Me... yes I also feel that way too.. but just a little while and my patient mode started ON and just diam diam play.. but once is a while say Aiya and feel not siok lah!

This game need skill, technic, and patient to play one.. not like Angry Bird or Crash Candy type! Must slowly slowly to understand how and where is the best distance and spot to bounce! And you mush have a very good sense tempo and timing.
My highest score is 81 at the moment! This is not a high score.. for some people even can get 100 above! Me still a kacang putih. I must play in my room and no one kacau me... if got people talk to me I sure game over not even hit 50 points!
So is kinda frustrated one this game... no wonder there is so many video in youtube when people play this game they sampai broke their phone... some rumors even say that there is people kill themselves after playing this game... I don't know this is real or not lah so I no put any link about it!

Honestly this game is fun to play especially when you need to kill your time while waiting. This game remind me one of my favorite games back in the 80's is call Contra!!!
During my time this is a very hot game before Street Fighter! During the 80's game is like the Flappy Bird one... it has to come with skill, technic and timing and also patient! You have to remember each and every step what is coming to you!! Just a millimeter step wrong and you going to die! We play this game from day to night.. even the next day is exam we also play!!! now think back is really fun lah!! I think maybe because of that we have this foundation so I play this Flappy Bird I still can relax...

81... this is my best number!!

Check this out... the CONTRA full stage from 1 to 10. This game is a legend!!