Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice

This is the last night my family trip in Singapore! I was told by my friend in town that she recommended me must come to one if the Singapore famous Chicken rice which is the "Boon Tong Kee". There is 8 outlet BTK in Singapore, when you call a taxi bring you to the nearest BYK sure they all know one.
The BTK Chicken rice is a must to try here but if you don't like chicken rice they also have other dishes to order. Their price for me is consider medium range bot really very expensive, prices is worth of what you eat loh! 

This is the Boon Tong Kee at River Valley. Less than 5 minutes drive from Orchard road/Scott Road!
Most of people like to stay at this 2 road, if you ask the taxi bring you to BTK, this is the one they sure bring you here! The restaurant not so big almost like the normal shop house at Gadong. They say it always full house like the photo you see.. so recommended come eat early. No booking table one so when is full house no choice have to wait outside until you got table!   

Some people call this wet peanut! I like this kind of peanut, back in town I only find huaho or 1st emporium they have sell the Tin one from Taiwan! 
This is my first time I eat Chicken Rice they have give to burn you time while waiting for your meal to come! 

This are the rest of the 7 BTK outlet across in SG! 

This is from their Menu chicken rice photo!! From picture already look yummy! 

Singapore like malaysia too.. when the menu got show chili is mean spicy one don't play play... Not like us in town no kick one!!

Before we try their Chicken Rice We had the Abalone Lou Shang first! Is nice and the taste is totally different from what we used to have in town!  Hope after eat this me this year heng heng all the way lah! Huat ah....

There you go... this is the BTK Chicken Rice lah! Of coz from picture it look nothing different from what we normally have... But the taste it really different loh.. It make me want to go back and try it one more time! 

 Pyramid  Rice.... hehehe. First time see rice like that! Unique.

Do you notice here... No head no tail one they Bean Sprout!!

FYI Singapore Chicken Rice their chili cannot mix you rice to eat... Is really hot one oh!!!

Their CR got come with this special make Salted Vege! Very nice and match their CR!