#Project1983 Enjoy Body Scrub

After fixing the air intake Snorkel and putty now #Project1983 is going to have a nice and relaxing BodyScrub. This is the stage that finalist the body to be smooth and this must be done 100% by hand. Good or not good with the body this must see the Guru got experience liao!! And must nice and slowly cannot rush or have bad mood one! If not the body sand paper will have wave look!
My #Project1983 is the whole body, every corner must be sand. Not just the putty parts sanded.... As long as the body need to spray paint then must have to sand it clean and smooth!
Sampai the worker said this car want to come out like the day she born....heheheh
The body scrub still continue tomorrow for the bonnet and the roof. Inside the car just wash not need to sand paper! By next week #Project 1983 will do the undercoat first before spray new paint. So stay tune bruthers... don't go away!!!

Ford 4x4 Sabah Quest

Come come!!! Ford 4x4 Sabah Quest now open for registration. The closing date is on the 10th March 2014 so hurry to sign up oh.... don't later late already cry no tears there coz is limited space one!!
This time the event is on the 17 till 21 of March.. Is a 5 days 4 nights trip from Brunei~Tawau~Semporna~Sandakan~KotaKinabalu then back to Brunei! 
This is open to all the Ford Kuga,Ranger and Everest owners saja!
For more info you can dial PREMIER AUTOMOBILES SDN. BHD number 2441886/2421740.


New Ford Kuga bas been crowned “SUV of The Year” by Spanish publication Motor Mundial. Kuga defeated rivals including new Peugeot 2008 and Suzuki SX Cross to collect the coveted award, with judges particularly impressed by its safety technologies and fun driving dynamics.  Motor Mundial reports: “Ford made inroads into the category with the first Kuga, a very popular model with a stunning design and excellent off-road capabilities. Now, the second-generation Kuga has turned its defects into virtues and stands out for its fresh design, spacious interior, high level of equipment, safety and frugal TDCi diesel and EcoBoost gasoline engines.  “The model won the Motor Mundial trophy based on its versatility, fun-to-drive qualities and comfort, which is on par with that of sedans. Its innovations, smart safety technologies, Ford SYNC connectivity system and value-for-money.”  The 1.6L EcoBoost Ford Kuga can be viewed or test-driven at Premier Automobiles Sdn. Bhd, the sole distributor for Ford vehicles in Brunei.

#Project1983 Install Snorkel

Here come my next stage of the #Project1983. I got this Snorkel from one of my friend's 4x4 accessory shop at Manglait the IronMan 4x4 there next to the Subaru Showroom! I got this with very good prices lah... Soon when the car is done and renew roadtax I'll get some more stuff from there again. At the moment just this snorkel first lah!
When I post this photo in my IG and FB some people asking me why not wait until the new paint done already then install the snorkel? I have a good reason why one... not just simply do! I reason is because I don't what later when install the snorkel cut hole the time it damage my new paint! Now is the best time to install. drill hole, fit first see nice nice already then take out again! When done the new paint then put back again!!
After fit the snorkel already my #project1983 started go 4x4 look liao! Not like last time like Nerd one!
No worries lah... few more stuff is coming to dress up my Nerd and make him look handsome soon!!

 Grind the hole make it smooth!! That's the reason why install it before spray the new paint! 

Done!!! Now can go diving liao my #Project1983 hehehe

My Small World Big Sale

Yo... check it out!! Here come another good lobang happen in town! The shop "My Small World" located at the Citis Square there they having a big sale!! The big sale not only is items 20-70% off only!!! Is Everything There Must Go... No kidding one even the Casher Counter, Aircon, Rack and Stand also sell!!!
There have Baby and kid cloths, Bicycle, Toys, Book, Candy, Science toys, School Bag. Stationaries and many more! Mostly I see there is toys lah. So if you go friend's children birthday coming soon.. that's is the good place to go! I buy few thing from there just now standby for my friend's anak but of coz also buy some for myself too lah..hehehe I buy a Ant's House!! Is a glass fill with blur jelly. Catch some ant and put in there.. few hours you can see them make house already! I have this before when young but we use soil put in a coffee glass!!
Another good deal is if you already their member you can still use their member card to purchase get another 5% off which mean that if the toy is 30% off already you'll get 35% off!

Why they having such a big sale now I heard is they expand their business to other country open branch there. They not going to ship the good oversea so they sell it all cheap cheap!!
Hurry up go there see see look look and search anything to may find there!

It say "Everything Must Go" the doors I want to buy they want to sell or not oh..hehehe 

 Bicycle also have 30% off!!

 Anyone here want to stock up this???

 I like this but too bad my room no place to put!!! Is a Alarm Clock that project a moon, It follow the real moon position from East to West!! Cool right..

 Kite also have!!!

 This is the Ant's House I buy!! Next time I show you my ants how they build their house in there!

 I wonder the owner want to sell this or not!! Later I try to offer them.. hehehe

Really Everything Much Go.. no play play!!

Sungai Liang Fried Kway Teow

Good news good news bruthers!! If you know like the Sungai Liang fried Kway Teow there one next to the Ladi juntion Traffic lights one now we from bandar people not need to go far far or every time go Seria have to stop by and eat there! Now at Bandar also have one too! They just open one outlet just next to Sui Heng there (Click Here
They just open 2 days ago. I had met the Sungai Liang owner before the Chinese New Year! He told me will open after Chinese New Year now finally it open! 
The taste I can say is nothing different here with the Sungai Liang one! The different things is the prices and got Aircon. Of coz it will just a little higher pay what you eat here than Sg.Liang lah coz here got Rent to pay there don't have. 
Oh... the menu here are also different than Sg.Liang too. Here got Laksa and the Fried Hway Teow got Prawn one.. Old place only have Chicken and Beef!
This morning when I share it in my IG got some friends ask me is this Halal or not! I did not really go see they have the Halal certificate hang on the wall or not but I saw their Menu got Halal Certified logo printed on top there lah!!
Their Restaurant name also very unique one... is call "My Favoureat Restaurant"
Bah you go eat and try see how lah!! Me I like loh...

Michelin PowerBank

My G-Shock Camouflage Arrieve

This is my latest G-Shock collection. When I first time I saw it post in a facebook group I already no think twice straight away I place my order buy 2. One is grey one is green but unfortunately this model camouflage series is really hot in the world now easy to get!! I know get the grey one.. still hoping one day I can get the grey too. I must get this 2 coz is one pair one.. rare and worth to collect!
I had ask my friend in Singapore and Malaysia if they saw this at G-Factory must buy for me!
Me at the moment don't care where can buy I must try... if not buy it early sure the price is getting higher and higher.. Like this one I grey one I bought is B$239.00 but I went to Ebay I saw one already fried the prices up to USD$233.00. I try my luck lah.. I place the bit there for USD$242 which is around B$306.00. Just release in Japan last week now the price got up no down!!
This is just 2 model of -X6900CM already like that... I wonder what will happen when the next 5 pieces of the Camouflage version come out would it also like that too!!

I place my bit... Don't know how much it will goes  later!

 This is the one I got now!!!

This is another one I try to get!!! Nice right...

#Project1983 Engine Bay Rusty

This time #Project1983 is the restoring the engine bay. Actually that area is not thing much to do only the Battery area is more Jialat part! Not only that rusty but also got a holes can see through.
But is ok one lah... for them know how to fit is just like a piece of cake.
I think this is part is the last part of the car need to welding. No away from start painting my #Project1983 is not that far! After fixing this engine bay the next thing is to aliment the body like the gab between the doors, fenders and bonnet!! Then is to sand paper the whole car... then is spray undercoat and again is the color!! By looking the time table.. I guess my #Project1983 by next month car finish already.. The first thing when is done I have to bring it to Land Transport to renew the road tax after that then you'll see me driving this car most of the time!

After the color... some reader already asking me what color I'm going to use. I still haven't put the final decision what color I want to use for #project1983 but I already make some sample already. Final decision will post it in here my next post!!!
Give you a little bit idea what color.....
Is a color that you can find in Formula One!!!! hehehe.. I'm sure you think is red right..hehehe

Look... jialat right!!

Kerja Kosong

Are you looking for a job??? Do you love outdoor and love to hang out with kids??? Now Beach Bunch are looking for 6 educators, 1 bookkeeper and 1 administrator for the Beach Bunch Outdoor Environmental Education Center. Click the link below for more details. Closing date on the 7th March 2014

Love Is All Around

One day I was checking out my mail and I saw one of my reader she message me asking to share a info which is a young man need blood type A. I was really shock that this young man who need blood type A because of kidney problem... hey he is the one I share a photo in my FB and IG which I salute him that he take his job seriously sit under the sun there and I ask him why not stand under the tree got shadow... He reply is Ok I'm fine!
Because of that... I really impress coz this day really hard to find a young man can like that! 

After I read the message that he need help I don't even think twice. I straight away open my Facebook Page account, Instagram, Twitter and share this info. With in 2 days there is more that 350 times share in the facebook more than 70k people read it! After that glad to hear that this young man go back home and rest.... Which I think now he is ok lah...
Thanks to all of you people help also too... if not jialat

Social Network is a very powerful tools in this day like the WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and twitter almost everyone who own a smartphone sure have one of this apps in the phone! We should know how to use it in the right way. It can safe a life but also can take away too. I see s lot this day many people use it in a wrong way... spread fake news, hoax, photos, message etc and some even use fake account to created hate and making people up set only! 
Please... use it in the right way... Share useful info or happy stuff lah.. Funny video or beautiful story and picture kah...  Apalah one people like to post people accident die no hand no head video or photo...
Every time I see that in FB I sure go report to fb one.. gali you know don't share it anymore lah please!

What I want to share here is even we all don't know who is this young man ( even me too) but I can see that we all care and love our people here! This is really beautiful... and I'm sure this love not every country can find! We should have this soul forever and ever...
I love to see we all love to give a hand to the people need help! Like the car accidents.... many people like to slow down.. For some people they may say "Oh... so busy body see people accident that's is why jam so bad lah" 
Hey... this is wrong.. we all like to slow down and watch is because we may give a hand to help! You see all the serious accident sure you see Bruneian come down their car and help one... This is so nice here, if other counties mostly they say " this is none of my business!"

"Love Is All Around" I always believe of that. Not only that I believe and I always see it.
Beach Bunch, Earth Hours, Smarter, HSBC-SCB-BIBD Charity Run etc... all this people who taking part I'm sure they all are good person and with love in their heart!

To my bruther... Hey bro I don't know you and your name but you steady... I like you!! you rest good good at home Ok! Love is all around in Brunei. Take care, Live Strong and Never Give Up!!! 

Friends and Staffs pay visit to him at Ripas!

#Project1983 Install Turbo Bonnet

Hello.... Welcome back to my #Project1983. Yes my project has stopped since last year because due to the long holiday first is the X'mas then is the New Year then again is the Chinese New Year! The workers one by one go back home so no choice my project have to postpone and continue after Chinese New Year lah!
So now CNY has over and back to business. last thing about the #project1983 is fixing the tyres. Now you see the body is finish welding and putty. But before the car go for spray paint there is few more things to do... like sand paper and under coat it!
Yap... still got few more thing to do lah... I think maybe 3weeks to go then if finally done!
Today is install the turbo bonnet even though is doesn't have a turbo at the moment but never mind lah for good looking also can lah... when next time go KK then baru look for a Turbo Engine and fit there lah!
At first I tot this bonnet can fit perfectly but it wasn't!!! There is a lot of things to modified and is gonna cost a lot of time and material. Is a bit shorter but more wider there... No way is gonna spent that time and money to do that. My friend he told me better just cut out the Air Intake and put on my old bonnet more better... save time, job and money. So we decide to cut it off and I really happy to see the result!!!!

 This is how it look like when the original bonnet with turbo air intake one...
From this side it look nice already....

 But is not.... if you look from the side here.. you see or not?? Is shorter right! and also there is a big gap there! too many things to modified so no jadi to use it.. 

 We cut it off.... 

 This is now with my original bonnet... I call it Turbo Tipu!!!! lol

 I know is look ugly here.. but no worries once is putty and it look like original!!

Can't wait to see how it look with the new paint!!!