Visit Singapore 2014

This is my first family travel trip and also my 2014 first trip! We went to visit Singapore!
At first we want to go Lego Land and Hello Kitty at Johor there but after think think we not going coz due to my 2nd daughter she is too small.. Go there also wasted only nothing for her to play so decide just  stay at Singapore there for 6 days 5 nights! 
We went to a lot of places play, see, eat and buy! I'll slowly update my family trip for next coming post lah.. Cannot one time go all post oh... too tired now, the trip like go play Amazing Race there, carrying 2 strollers, bags go up and down shopping, pass underground, in and out taxi... Now I understand why last time I hear my friends they all said tired with family and kids go travel.. Now I rasa it liao! Anyway.. is fun lah see the kids so happy everyday... buy Chinese New Year cloth for them and eat the yummy foods we don't have back in the town!
But lucky got bring stroller go there for the kids if not we all die die carry the kids! One thing I really like about the Singapore is the stroller can almost go every way every corner in Singapore! Not like last time we went to KL walk at Alor street using the stroller wa jialat lah have to fight with the car then can get the way out there!
On the first day we went to Singapore via Royal Brunei our Brunei International Airport the new check in counter also the first day operate too.. Is a trail so there is still many thing haven't complete but I also happy to see that and I first using it..hehehe
Anyway... there is few thing I want to share with you all which is getting a line for your smart phone! I use iPhone5 and it need the Nano sim card one.. They also have a prepaid one like I have in Bangkok there. Is cheap lah Bruthers.... only S$38.00 and 1GB of local data for 1 week use.. For me just nice lah ngam ngam for my trip that's why I can update my IG and FB during the trip some more is 4G it was fast man!!! Recommended you use this from Singtel. Go those 7-11 or Mobile phone shop have already and remember to bring your passport oh!! Not need deposit and sign contract one... awesome right!
And there is 3 apps I think you also should have it before you visit Singapore which is the iChangi, MySentosa and Taxi Booking! This three apps really useful during my trip especially the Taxi Booking. iChangi is the apps use at the Changi Airport like check the flight arrive time at which terminal, luggage belt. MySentosa is good if you visit the Sentosa!! try it you may like it too!!

This is our new check in counter and it start already..  

Feel like in the spaceship here... hehe

This is the one I use for my phone!!!

Remember to download this three apps if you go Singapore oh... and is free!! 

Why I like this taxi booking is I not need to worries to tell the operator where is my location. I so easy to use and very fast to confirm me back what is the taxi number!!! awesome...