Taman Selera

After the school open now I like the typical local parents send kids to school then send wife to work and then pick up kids from school back home eat lunch and then send the kids to extra class then rest for a while again go pick up kids back home... after that go pick up wife from work back home....
Me last year got more free time but this year when school start I really busy become a Supir...
No so much free time for myself at the moment. really morning wake up and before 10pm already sleep... But is ok lah just a short time saja... after chinese new year I sure I back to like last time.
So last night got a little bit of free time went to out side makan with my wife. We both don't know where and what to eat... go round go round about 15 minute last last we stop by and eat at the Bandar Taman Selera! So people call this place as Tamu Salera too.. in the Four Square is call Taman Salera. Aiya doesn't matter Taman or Tamu as long as can find this place sudah Ok lah!
Taman Salera is located at the Bandar next to the St. George's School. Me long time no come back here makan I think got more than 2 years already! I remember the last time I came here is makan the seafood! This place has a lot o changes there... more hygienic and no more worries eat in the half way suddenly the sky pouring rain! Now got roof top already oh don't play play!
And also now there is more choices for the seafood too! But today I don't have the mood to eat Seafood, I want ayam Penyet! When I walk into look for AP I was really surprise see what I saw! 
The whole place really got Kampong feel.. Very local style! I love it man...  Remind me the old Kuala Lurah I used to hang up with my buddy every Thirsday!!!
From head to the end all selling AP and is nice! Next time I got friends come from visit me I sure bring them here makan! The foods is cheap and the place is nice some more is open until 3am also got AP to eat!  Awesome lah...

Seafood, local cuisine, fried, bbq, grill, satay, macam-macam ada.... Got roof some more not need to get wet but parking is a problem there lah

Look the fish really huge... I not sure what is the name but I guess is the Toman. Angmo call this as Snakehead fish or Channidae. Don't put you hand in the tank oh... Look the owner put the sign say Put Your Hand With Your Own Rise... hehehehe

You see you see.... Look like the old KL or not??? Oh... I miss the place it has so much fun!

Food Attack!!!! Eat ah.....