Suzuki Roadshow At Citis Square

 Come check it out Suzuki Roadshow at Citis Square from 13th-19th January 2014 10am-10pm. Start from 16th December 2013 – 31st March 2014 buy Grand Vitara, APV,Swift, Swift Sport, Alto, Jimny you may win..... 
1st – Trip for two to Gold Coast, Australia and enjoy a fun filled day at Sea World plus a free gift Go Pro.  
2nd – Trip for two to Bali, Indonesia and a free Go Pro. 
3rd – Trip for two to Phuket, Thailand and a free Go Pro.
If I win 1st prize right.. I think I'll ask the 2nd prize winner to exchange with me..heheheh Coz I already go Gold Coast few years ago. Phuket also been there already only the Bali haven't go and don't know how was it! Me still haven't plan this year where I want to go... mmm Bali... can think think oh!!