Sungai Liang's Fried Kuey Teow Open In Town

I'm sure you all already know where is the Sungai Liang's fried Kuey Teow right! Is just next to the simpang to Labi or the Sungai Liang traffic light there! If you still don't know each fried kuey teow I talking about here then you click HERE or Here and read I had post it in my blog before! 
Now we not need go far far and eat their famous fried kuey teow at Sungai Liang there. In town here we also can eat but of coz is not now lah... they haven't open yet! If everything go smooth they going to open after the Chinese New Year lah... which is not so far from now!
So where are they open the new outlet? 
It open at the Haji Munchit & Hajah Dayang Rapiah Complex first unit next to Sui Heng and also same block with Jolly Language School too
Now I looking forward to try their Kuey Teow see which one is better or both are the same taste!!

Ngam ngam the owner open door and check the restaurant I got snap a photo how their restaurant look inside...hehehe