Plasti Dip

Have you heard about this Plasti Dip?
I know this spray paint few years ago already but never try it. This Plasti Dip recently don't know why all of sudden it so popular in town many people use is to spray their rims and car... I even saw one of my reader use it to spray this shoe! 
So what is this Plasti Dip so special here! It's not a ordinary spray paints, it a spray paint that you can just tear up the paint by using your finger if you want to change back to your original car color!
The paints become a layer of rubber coated on your car. It doesn't damage you original car paint. You can use it almost every where on your car body (if you want to) don't like or boring with the color just tear it off saja!! You can do it yourself.. not need special skill one! Me no school high high one also can do it to my car and is really easy to use and spray like a pro...hehehehe
I saw this Plasti Dip demo video in Youtube and he did with his car logo and some chrome parts! And I think is kinda cool to with my Chevrolet too so I went to ToolBox and buy one back home and try ant the outcome result not bad....
I spray it no the logo(chrome) and bottom bumper(silver) to mat black. Me not sure what you think lah but I look is nice loh!! If you want you can try it at home like what I do showing on the picture or you follow the youtube video below!

This is original look at the back of my Chevrolet Orlando!!!

My daughter want to help me to tear off too!! She say like playing sticker.... hehehe

This is how it look now with my car! Now I want to see this Plasti Dip can tahan for how long!!!!