No More Rain Lah Please

Wah.... Jialat lah the sky 3 days non stop raining liao I start feel cannot tahan already. The first and second day I feel ok and like it lah coz the weather is nice no hot but this morning the rain like Maga Remix Non-Stop CD continue play repeat and repeat I feel kinda boring liao! From day 1 I feel relax, dat 2 I feel lazy but 3 day I feel a bit sick... early morning send my anak to school I also have to wear jacket to keep me warm. 
In fact today I also have a appointment to polishing my car at Max Center there but this rain postpone my schedule to other day.
Not sure how was it at other places got kana land slide or not! I remember few year ago many houses kana land slide and force to move out especially at Subok area... wah very jialat one oh!
 Hopefully tomorrow no more rain lah coz is really inconvenient especially sending and pickup my kids from school!