New Year... New Car!!!!

GHK Motors Sdn Bhd officially unveiled three new Mitsubishi models today to kick-start to a brand new year.  These three new MY14 models consist of the ¹NEW Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0, ²NEW ASX and ³NEW Pajero Sport Facelift.

NEW MY14 Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0
Sport goes beyond styling or specifications, for us, it redefines a way of living and not only that, it shows how you announce your existence in this world.  Nearly four decades of sports sedan evolution coupled with a passion for sporty excitement that never fades, ladies and gentleman, the Lancer EX embodies all these pleasures which can only be found behind the wheel. 

This model has been holding off for production for quite some time due to the fact that Mitsubishi Motors Company (MMC) was more focused on the production of their SUVs in the past year or so.  Moreover just recently, they introduced its most fuel efficient eco-friendly sedan, the Mitsubishi Attrage.  So it’s fair to say that within this long layoff, the new Lancer EX 2.0 liter, with a 18-inch alloy wheels, has not only evolved more advanced and technical, but it’s only justifiable that it will label itself as one of the most competitive selling mid-size sedan in its class. 

 Looking at the cockpit of the new Lancer EXit has been designed to tell you where every controls and features should exactly be.  These features include:

i.                Color Liquid Crystal Multi-information Display (Touch Screen Controls)
ii.              Magnesium Paddle Shifters
iii.             Multi Function Steering, and
iv.             Audio Control

Many Lancer fanatics are so mesmerized by its exterior design that most of them tend to overlook how delicately and beautifully the interior design really is.  Lancer EX provides insulated doors which helps to keep out unwanted noise, while the automatic climate control and spacious seating makes the LancerEX a please to drive even before you start your ignition.  Lancer EX 2.0 also comes with a sport package edition which includes rear spoiler, jet fighter grille and more.  Other notable interior features include:

i.                Keyless Remote Control
ii.              Fully Automatic Air Conditioner
iii.             Comfortable Fabric Seating
iv.             Dual-Airbag System
v.              Reverse Camera
vi.             Seatbelts with Pretensions and Force-Limiters
vii.           USB Port (Compatible with Apple & Android Products)

However when you look at the Lancer EX, nothing can compare to its renowned engine performance and the power transmitted because of its exquisite smoothness in the CVT box as it shifts up and down.  So let’s go more in-depth on the engine, balance, control, exterior and other technology that the Lancer EX personifies:

i.                2.0-liter MIVEC Engine
An absolute thrill in a 4-cylinder package, this 2.0-liter powerhouse uses lightweight aluminum to project 110kW (150Ps) to take control of any street it desires on.

ii.              CVT with INVECS-III
Continuously Variable Transmission offers a new level of driving experience which gives a more subtle gear change and its quietness.

iii.             MIVEC Technology
Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control is an exclusive technology that adjusts intake timing for optimal performance at different ranges.

iv.             End-to-end Design Stability (to offer greater stability and balance when cornering)
v.              4-Wheel Independent Suspension (to make sure of unpredictable road conditions)
vi.             Reinforced Body (to resist torsion and keeping everything smooth)
vii.           ABS with EBD
viii.          Cargo Space (trunk space that provides up to 400 liters of storage capacity)
ix.             Tight Cornering of a turning radius of just 5.0 meters

After nine generations of development, Mitsubishi’s passion for driving has created a whole new blend of power, performance and aerodynamics that will leave sports driving enthusiasts instantly hooked on, combining with a style the is simply undeniably Lancer.

◊ NEW    ²MY14 Mitsubishi ASX

The New ASX 2014 is finally here!  With new exciting features and a price tag so hard to match, this smart, efficient, compact crossover with a conscience is truly better than ever.  ASX brings out a deep sense of style and energy which syncs up perfectly with anyone’s lifestyle and also, it gives you the best driving pleasure day in day out so basically, you’re in safe hands when dealing with the NEW and improved ASX.

i.                MIVEC Engine
ASX’s 2.0-liter powerhouse uses lightweight aluminum that optimizes a performance of 110kW (150Ps) to take control of the city.

ii.              Keyless Operation System
The KOS lets you activate the ignition just by pressing the Start Stop button located near the center of the dash panel.

iii.             INVECS-III CVT WITH 6-step Sports Mode
It’s ideally tuned to deliver effortless acceleration from any speed.  Sports Mode offers all the sporty control of manual shifting without the hassle of the clutch

iv.             Suspensions (for smooth handling and more control over rough terrains)

v.              Color Liquid Crystal Multi-information Display Panel

vi.             USB Port (Compatible with Apple & Android Products)

vii.           LED Daytime Running Lights

viii.          Front and Rear Silver Diffuser Plates (to give the body a stylish and complete look)

ix.             Huge Cargo Capacity (can store up to 358 liters of cargo capacity with five passengers)

x.               Full-flat Rear Seat / 60:40 Split Foldable Seatback

xi.             Dual-Airbag System & Reverse Sensor

xii.            High Hip Point & Good Visibility

xiii.          ABS with EBD

The NEW ASX offers more than your typical crossover. With a sophisticated design in a single-minded execution, the ASX is a dream synergy of imaginative ideas and superior construction.  As mentioned, it’s equipped with dual airbags, whilst those further up the range include climate control air conditioning, engine stop-start button and much more.  What more can you ask for in a sport crossover like the ASX?  IMHO, a true masterpiece indeed!

◊ NEW    ³MY14 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (FACELIFT)

In reality, majority of the working population surface in the congested city area whereby others are on rough and muddy terrains.  With that in mind, you need a vehicle which is built for both worlds and in that; we give you the Pajero Sport 2014.  The previous 3.2-liter engine, now replaced with the 2.5-liter engine has an option of operating either on a 2WD 4-Speed or 4WD 5-Speed High-Power transmissions. 

The facelift of the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport model are primarily related to its exterior.  This SUV is 4.69 meter long, 1.81 meter in both width and height.  It basically almost has the same dimensions as its predecessor.  General features of the Pajero Sport include:

i.                Revised Chrome Grille
ii.              Keyless Remote Control
iii.             Magnesium Paddle Shift Controls
iv.             Streamlined Bumpers
v.              Rear bumper with integrated rear diffuser
vi.             Altered form of tail lights
vii.           Rear license plate garnish
viii.          NEW 17” Alloy Wheels (which is the main improvement of this model as it is more compatible on driving rugged terrains and unpaved roads)
ix.             Mirrors with turn indicators together with reverse sensor and camera
x.               USB Port (Compatible with Apple & Android Products)

This 2.5-liter (4WD) turbo engine gives out 178 horsepower @ 4000rpm and its maximum torque stands at 343Nm using VGT while the 2.5-liter (2WD) gives out 136 horsepower @ 3,500rpm with its torque at 314Nm.  VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) optimizes the turbine flow rate in order to achieve the best performance of high engine rpm at low speed, and maximum power at high speed.  Pajero Sport 2014 will be offered with the option of a 4x4 and Super Select 4x4 systems, which provides four different driving mode options:
a.      2H (2WD High Range)
b.     4H (4WD High Range)
c.      4HLc (4WD High Range with locked center differential), and
d.     4LLc (4WD Low range with locked center differential)

These driving modes will provide excellent driving performance for the driver in the vehicle, maintaining a smooth and safe ride.

The interior of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport model has experienced significant changes where it offers three rows of seats (seven seats) with upholstered leather as standard equipment, but it can be optional as well subject to local dealers.  The new multi-functional steering wheel, new infotainment system with touch screen, audio system with six-speakers are novelties of this robust vehicle.

There are seven body colors to this SUV in ¹Cool Silver Metallic, ²Quartz Brown Metallic, ³Medium Red, ⁴Deep Blue Mica, ⁵Titanium Gray Metallic, White Pearl and ⁷Black Mica.

The NEW Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will be highly looked upon by its fierce competitors as it’s expected not only to be value for money but with its stylish looks and new technology features, this vehicle was designed for all forms of road conditions with propelled performance.  

GHK Motors Sdn Bhd would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous New Year and to remind everybody that there will be an upcoming roadshow at the Gadong Mall from Jan 10th – 12th in front of Giordano, so you won’t want to miss that!  For further inquiries on any of these three new models, you may call 242 3423 / 0882 for the BSB branch and 333 5740 / 6372 for the KB branch.