My Childhood Trick

Hahahaha I'm sorry if this scaring you Bruther but this is how we have fun when we are a little boy during the 80's!  We don't know smartphone no apps to play.. most of our toys or games are DIY even this Flip the Eyelid also took me many time then baru success! 
Seriously now I think back I don't know what's the fun of doing this I feel kinda stupid now. But back in the old day if you know how to do something that other people cannot do or don't know how to do you are Steady and OutStanding lah! 
I wonder who is the one who started this game during that time! I think that person who started this he must be very very boring one!! How does he know that there is another layer behind the eyelid and you can flip it and do like that! 
Ok.. nest time any Zombie costume party I no need to make up one.. just flip my eyelid can already lah....hahahahah