Mcdonald's Staff's Family Day

I don't know can I say like that or not lah but I think I also one of Mcdonald's staff lah coz they are one of my blog sponsors too so no half pun ada 10% are work with them jua right.. 
So me also go join their staff's family day at the outlet. It was a great night and many staff's family turn out too. Got games and prizes me also take part play one game which is Eat Mandarin Orange contest but bad no win coz one of the staff he really fast oh.. I just eat half of my orange he already almost finish the second orange! Not only games for the staff but also for the family member too.. They have music chairs and treasure hunt everyone also have a great night. Although I didn't win any prize that nigh but I also happy coz I got tapao my favourite Pineapple pie back home hehehe

Kids play music chairs

See who is the fastest to finish the 5 mandarin oranges!

Prizes for the winners

Treasure Hunt

54321... eat ah!!!