Lucky Restaurant Pen Cai / 盆菜

Have you ever try the Hong Kong Traditional Chinese New Year dishes call Pencai/盆菜?
I no malu to tell you.. I also never try it and last night is my first time in my life I eat this Super Dupper Awesome so many ingredients in a big bowl. 
Inside have more than 10 type of foods and I also lost count what they have... I remember it have, Abalone, mushroom, prawn, roasted duck, CharSao, fish, chicken, broccoli, ham and many many more things I don't know what is they name in english lah but anyway is really have a lot if stuff in there lah!
This one big bowl is enough for a 10 person to eat now available for booking at the Lucky Restaurant for the ChapGoMay!!! This year Lucky Restaurant only launch this PenCai only one size price B$268.00!! But if you think this is not enough or want to order some more or eat something different.. Ok no problem.. coz they also have lunch their new menu which is they never done before their very first time serve you with Thai Food! They got Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Mango Crispy Minced Fish, TangHoon Salad, Deep Fried Pandan Chicken, Clear Tomyam Soup.
Not only that... They also have new menu with the DimSum. I personally really love the XueShan Bao!! Very very soft and crispy with bun. recommended you must try this.. Only Sunday have oh... weekday don't have one!! So Sunday must come early loh! They also have this Abalone Siumai, Thai Fish Ball, Bai Hua Qi Fang, Chocolate Egg Tart and one more I don't remember what's the name but it look like bird nest inside got salted egg york there.. mmm very yummy oh!!

This is another side of the PenCai view.... Ah now I remember it have scallop, white jelly ear,  bean curd sheet. 

 This is the one I say must try one the XueShan Bao/雪山包. Got two type. chicken or pork!

 This is the second new dimsum of Lucky Rest I like but I don't know what is the name lah. Look like a bird nest inside got salted egg york!

 Bai Hua Qi Fang / 百花齊放!

 Chocolate Egg Tart! Chocolate inside the tart! 

 Abalone SiuMai... don't play play.. really got Abalone oh!!!

 Thai Fish Ball! 

 Clear Tomyam Soup... I know who like it.. hehehe

 TangHoon Salad

 Mango Crispy Minced Fish

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice