I Prefer Original

I was checking up my daughter text book this year she was K2 and already learn bahasa melayu in school. It was a little bit different of what I learn when I was a little boy! The chili now in Malay is Cili not Lada, Photo now is Foto not Gambar and the Jelly is Jeli not Agar-Agar. Look like is copy words not using our own word!! Why??? Is it because we are in modern days and no more using our transitional word to teaching our next generation any more??
I understand Innovative is good but not all the thing can be Innovation! Like Foods... Soto is always Soto, you don't make a Mee Soup and put beef inside and tell me this is Soto!!!
I understand Cili, Jeli, Foto the words nothing wrong... it just a Borrow Word like Tauhu-Tofu borrow from Chinese! But we have the original word don't want to teach the young one why is the modern words? It can use no salah  but let the kids learn the Original/ Tradisi words first lah!!! Then after come out already to society baru lah let them use as they want lah!
I think is too early to let them use the modern word and didn't teach them the correct word. I'm sure is gonna confuse then after when the grow up loh!
For me... I think this is just like our Culture, of the Parents don't pass down to our next genaration... this is not teaching from the school, if you don't do that soon in future no body will remember how was it and how to do!! 
I'm a modern man but still have a little olden mind! Me no school high high but I know Chili is Lada, Jelly is Agar-Agar, Photo is Gambar.... this is what the old old people teaching us and I don't think we should change it to teach out next generation just because of Modern sudah!!!