Hermosa Couture

Recently me eat full full got nothing to do after sending my daughter to go I go Kiulap jalan jalan and see one shop kinda catch my eyes and I think some Daddy Mommy got kids at home like me got 2 little girl also may like this place! A kids boutique just opened 2 week ago at the same block of Hokko 1st floor! Very easy to find one.. Just use the left next to Hokko press 1 and turn right then walk about 3 or 4 shop then is their shop call Hermosa Couture. You may also follow their IG @hermosacouture_kidsboutique to see their latest update! 
I found one thing of their kid's wear quite interesting is the size.. which is they one bring in 3 size for each pattern... Nice!!! Not only that oh.. and I also found that their prices also reasonable! 
Chinese New Year is coming soon and now also the best time to shopping for buying baju for the kids lucky I found this place and now got more choice for the daddy mommy to choice baju for their kids! 
More if the kids wear size here are from age 1 plus to 8 and mostly for girls!!
Boys also have but not much. I had asked the owner she said eventually their bring in more for boys!

Panorama view of Hermosa Couture!

Address and contact number!