Good Bye 2013, Hello 2014

Me 01/01/2014
Writing blog for me is just like a writing my diary but diary is private my blog is public! 
The good things about writing blog is helping me to record what I eat, where I go, who I meet and when was it! 
I think 2013 is my beat year of what I did for the past 6 years with my blog. The best thing is I was invited to visited USA to attended the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)
That is my best month for the whole year.
And the other thing is I when I looking back the thing I post I realize there is a lot of new restaurant open last year! I think eat is the biggest entertainment I have over here....
Alright... less take a look of what's up in my blog year 2013 lah! Sorry for so late to update my blog I know recently my blog not much update.... Ya of year end most of the people out station, vacation not in town, nothing much things happening here so of coz nothing must thing to update! And some more my daughter now back to school we have a lot of things have to prepare too..  I try to update this post for 3 days already still cannot finish it! one moment call go out.. one moment do this do that.. busy lah!!! I already try my best to sit in front of my computer to update it liao!!! Bah.. don't tall so much lets see back what happen in 2013 but before that let's see see look look how my face change in this 4 years lah! Now I look back I think me now more look like a uncle.... For years ago still look Styli~Milo... Maybe is because of last time my baby still small and only have one.. now got 2 already of coz look older and more cingcai sudah lah!


In January, baru celebrated new year after few day in a morning a famous car spare parts shop at Manglait on fire!!! I still remember that day morning at highway from far far already can see the black smoke up up to the sky!!

February is this big croc caught that some where some place at some river... From the picture you can tell is more that 15 feet from nose to tail.. But one thing I don't know until now is where is this croc now and how was him!!! I guess maybe kana eat already lah!!
March... no big new but I have a awesome trip with my buddy vacation at Bangkok when to see Tiffiny Miss Tiffany's Universe 2013 (Press Conference)

April... I shave!!! hehehe after 2 years of keeping my beard this month I decide to shave it!!! I think this is my first time also also the last time I growth it that long!!
May... Is the best month of my year 2013! 
USA.... USA..USA....Yahoo!!!!

June...Kampong Air few houses burn!!! Many Bruther came to help them. Donated foods, cloths, money to them!!! Me give away my daughter's toys to the kids there! 

July.... I think this is the best story on the month lah!! Remember the Mcdonald's Minions??? Yes this little toys make the world crazy about them!! Lucky here out Bruthers not crazy like the KL people there!

August.... After the people crazy about the Minions this month everyone post the GREEN IndoMie all over their IG and FB!! Sampai this instant noodle out of stock!!! Eh... I only eat 2 times saja and after that until now also didn't eat anymore!
September.... This is the month I start fall in love with eBay!!! And I bought this 2 classic game!!

 October... Many people wait for this long time already and finally it open! And the building also long time no open, this is the month Batu Satu start busy again like before!

November.... First time sit 787, First time visit Makati and first time I was in trouble with my Broken~English!! Thanks to this I learn a word in this month... "Frenemy

December... After so many year finally the Limbang_Temburong bridge open!!! 

Of coz there is still many interesting things happen at last year here like the haze cause us suffering during June, Hundred Thousand pieces of tyre burn at Tutong!!! Asean Summit meeting, Many stupid fake hoax spreading in the social network, Demerit Points, Jerudong car accidents hit on motorbike police, Lucky Draw car at indoor stadium fly table, 42km charity marathon runner feel got hantu follow at Subok, In cinema watch movie suddenly one girl tune in another channel and everyone run out! Gas cylinder on fire during fasting month at stadium...... so many all this news spreading in the social network only. You cannot see in the paper or tv news!
So stay tune let's see what we can have in 2014 lah!! Oh.. I just  counted those new restaurant and franchise open in town which I coverage post in my blog! Total number 18!!!