Fake G-Shock

This is the Casio G-Shock model GA-110AC-7AJF can you tell me is Real or Fake?? Lol that day I show the pictures to one of my friend he is a super fans of G-shock collect more then hundred pieces GS in this watches cabinet even he also thought that this is real one in first view of the picture. Of coz after look more closer and detail you can tell is Fake one! 
All this fake GS you can find it the Yayasan basement near the escalator there! Very cheap.. price around 15-20 dollors! I have see many fake GS selling in town here like at the First Emporium, Indian Shop all this are very bad quality and is not G-Shock is G-Shuck. This one at the Yayasan one is better quality. Got 80% follow all like real GS! Even the back cover also follow same same too! 
This fake GS really make me want to buy one! Buy I didn't.. I takut later one day people said I wear fake watches... hahahah
Some how I'm a person always wear watches go shower one..  Don't know this Fake GS go water resistance and can tahan Shock or not!!! Buy anyway.. buy one home play play also not bad lah!! Or you can use this watch to challenge with your friend who wear real GS smash on the wall see how one are more tahan!! 
Oh ya...... everyone collect real GS why not I do something different go collect fake g-shock oh!!
And some how the fake GS some design the real one don't have there... mmmm not bad can think think about this new hobbies..hahaha

Look at the back... you see or not!! can you tell this is a fake GA-110AC-7AJF ? that also can!!! Steady lah!

Now look closer... this is the real GA-110AC-7AJF from Japan!  Can you see the different real and fake where got not same???

Hahaha what is this model?? The combo of GW-9400J-3JF and G-8900SC is it???

Maybe Casio can buy this design from not need to susah susah think what the new design for GA-110 lol

Special Edition... Power Ranger version!! Limited tu...hehe

I think my have to think of selling my watches and go collect fake G-Shock better.... hehehe