Cone Pizza Coming To Town!!!

Have you ever heard about this Cone Pizza? 
Nope?? Never??? No problem lah... very soon you can have this and is very very soon with this this 3 to 4 day! 
The traditional pizza we have for the pass is big round cut into triangle but the Cone Pizza is more easy way to eat just like eat Ice-Cream everything is in cone! Is easy to eat not need to worries the stuffs and cheese drop while you eat in the car or even walking! The best part is from head to toe you can have it all with the crispy bread! not like the traditional pizza only the side is crispy!!
Krispy Cone Pizza is opening soon in this few day at Gadong The Mall 3rd Floor next to the Uni Arcade there! Can't wait to have a try Bruthers! 

I found some Cone Pizza at the Google.