ChatterBox The Famous Mandarin Hotel Chicken Rice

Me from long long time ago already had heard this Mandarin Hotel Chicken Rice is the Best Chicken Rice in Singapore some say is the best in Asia too!!! I already hear this legendary for i think got 25 years....  went to Singapore few time also never have a chance to try! They say is good also expensive  but worth to try. Me this time go Singapore with my family I told myself must go try once is a life time! 
Call a taxi we 4 adult plus my 2 kids to bring us there! Wear baju very simply like wear at home type hahahah Feel like a Kampong people go eat High Class Chicken Rice... Other people go there wear go proper and nice like go club but I don't care.. I come to eat and I pay oh!
The Chicken Rice is in the Mandarin Hotel's restaurant call Chatterbox level 5. 
At first we call the phone and want to book a table but the lady say sorry no booking... wow as you can see is very popular one.. must come here and wait for table not booking table!
Lucky when we arrived there we got a table big big enough to fit us!
Nothing to talk much tarus order Chicken Rice... Prices also no see. After order already just notice is S$27.00 each is =  to Thien Thien 8 chicken rice! 
Yes it sound too expensive but for me is Ok lah... Since already sit airplane come  here far far eat don't count this count that loh... if want to count better don't come eat right! Btw for me is a once is a lift time thing.. try try never mind lah, 27 dollars just go lah!
Then when the Chicken rice arrive I was impress loh,  Is not that lauya as what I think! The presentation is good and up standard!
The chicken rice is honestly nice.. I give my 2 thumbs up for them! The sauce is totally different, The taste I never had before back in Brunei here! The chicken is Cone Chicken that;s why the skin is yellow color one... oh and is very smooth, tender and yummy!! No wonder so many people say is nice lah!! All I can say is worth it lah.. Hotel standard price and taste like that.. can try lah!  

If next time I come I want to try their Lobster Laksa... $36.00 On lah!!

This is the famous Chicken Rice from the Mandarin hotel.

I wonder how they cook it so nice... mmm I need to spy spy learn to cook and open one here liao..hehehe

I talk true true one lah... If they use Brunei's Thai rice it will be a Perfect Match!!!

Soup Tofu... nice!!

I was so hungry and this is after 10 minutes I attack the chicken rice!!

Total price.... I happy!!!