Carpark Or Car Park???

That day I went to Giant and meet someone at the parking lot and meet a friend there after that I went out and I saw this sign next to the road! After I saw this I immediately have a question about this word....Is it we spell Car Park or CarPark???
Sometime I also do spell this word Carpark when I typing but it alwasy show my spelling are wrong in my phone and computer! And I always just ignore it coz I always thought that is a America and British spelling are different lah.. just like Colour and Color! If I spell colour my computer tell me is wrong! So I never care about this Carpark or Car Park lah!
Then yesterday suddenly I have this mood to look for this word Carpark is it correct or not I go look for my dictionary one America one British.... guess what... Both also don't have this word Carpark!!!!
Both Dictionary also only show Car Park!!!
I no puas hati and then went to google check again... Still it pop out.. Do You Mean "CAR PARK"???
Again... I still not puas hati go online "Oxford Dictionaries" and search but still don't have.. is all Car Park not Carpark!!!
So who is the one invented this word??? My conclusion is we Asian invented this word. hahahah
Only funny english that we can find in Asia apa lagi this word is not create by us right! 
I was thinking if we keep on doing this change English to suit our own use in this world there is 3 type of english liao.. America, British and Asia!!!
Colour - Color - Kaler....... hahaha