2014 = 1986

Why I post this 2 calender together here?? Do you notice some thing there?
One of my friend post in his Facebook status said :"if u haven't got 2014 calendar, u can reuse the 1986 calendar.."
I was surprise and blur blur what he said.. then look what the other people comment in the status then I realize that what he mean is that the year 2014 and 1986 both year are the same date week in the 365 days!! Then I check in my iphone calender is true!!! That's awesome....
Now I think back 28 years ago what am I doing that time??? I was primary 4 little young boy everyday only how to play from day till night. Never summit my homework.....
play play play... everyday only know how to play... nothing much thing remember lah but there is one thing I remember deep deep is suddenly one day we all have to wear a white cloth on our arm in the school, then I noticed not only our school it was the whole country people wear that too!
Then I baru tau is because of our 28th Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III pass away!!!
wow... like that no sound no sound time fly 28 years already.. really fast lah!!