ChatterBox The Famous Mandarin Hotel Chicken Rice

Me from long long time ago already had heard this Mandarin Hotel Chicken Rice is the Best Chicken Rice in Singapore some say is the best in Asia too!!! I already hear this legendary for i think got 25 years....  went to Singapore few time also never have a chance to try! They say is good also expensive  but worth to try. Me this time go Singapore with my family I told myself must go try once is a life time! 
Call a taxi we 4 adult plus my 2 kids to bring us there! Wear baju very simply like wear at home type hahahah Feel like a Kampong people go eat High Class Chicken Rice... Other people go there wear go proper and nice like go club but I don't care.. I come to eat and I pay oh!
The Chicken Rice is in the Mandarin Hotel's restaurant call Chatterbox level 5. 
At first we call the phone and want to book a table but the lady say sorry no booking... wow as you can see is very popular one.. must come here and wait for table not booking table!
Lucky when we arrived there we got a table big big enough to fit us!
Nothing to talk much tarus order Chicken Rice... Prices also no see. After order already just notice is S$27.00 each is =  to Thien Thien 8 chicken rice! 
Yes it sound too expensive but for me is Ok lah... Since already sit airplane come  here far far eat don't count this count that loh... if want to count better don't come eat right! Btw for me is a once is a lift time thing.. try try never mind lah, 27 dollars just go lah!
Then when the Chicken rice arrive I was impress loh,  Is not that lauya as what I think! The presentation is good and up standard!
The chicken rice is honestly nice.. I give my 2 thumbs up for them! The sauce is totally different, The taste I never had before back in Brunei here! The chicken is Cone Chicken that;s why the skin is yellow color one... oh and is very smooth, tender and yummy!! No wonder so many people say is nice lah!! All I can say is worth it lah.. Hotel standard price and taste like that.. can try lah!  

If next time I come I want to try their Lobster Laksa... $36.00 On lah!!

This is the famous Chicken Rice from the Mandarin hotel.

I wonder how they cook it so nice... mmm I need to spy spy learn to cook and open one here liao..hehehe

I talk true true one lah... If they use Brunei's Thai rice it will be a Perfect Match!!!

Soup Tofu... nice!!

I was so hungry and this is after 10 minutes I attack the chicken rice!!

Total price.... I happy!!!

Cone Pizza Coming To Town!!!

Have you ever heard about this Cone Pizza? 
Nope?? Never??? No problem lah... very soon you can have this and is very very soon with this this 3 to 4 day! 
The traditional pizza we have for the pass is big round cut into triangle but the Cone Pizza is more easy way to eat just like eat Ice-Cream everything is in cone! Is easy to eat not need to worries the stuffs and cheese drop while you eat in the car or even walking! The best part is from head to toe you can have it all with the crispy bread! not like the traditional pizza only the side is crispy!!
Krispy Cone Pizza is opening soon in this few day at Gadong The Mall 3rd Floor next to the Uni Arcade there! Can't wait to have a try Bruthers! 

I found some Cone Pizza at the Google. 

Visit Singapore 2014

This is my first family travel trip and also my 2014 first trip! We went to visit Singapore!
At first we want to go Lego Land and Hello Kitty at Johor there but after think think we not going coz due to my 2nd daughter she is too small.. Go there also wasted only nothing for her to play so decide just  stay at Singapore there for 6 days 5 nights! 
We went to a lot of places play, see, eat and buy! I'll slowly update my family trip for next coming post lah.. Cannot one time go all post oh... too tired now, the trip like go play Amazing Race there, carrying 2 strollers, bags go up and down shopping, pass underground, in and out taxi... Now I understand why last time I hear my friends they all said tired with family and kids go travel.. Now I rasa it liao! Anyway.. is fun lah see the kids so happy everyday... buy Chinese New Year cloth for them and eat the yummy foods we don't have back in the town!
But lucky got bring stroller go there for the kids if not we all die die carry the kids! One thing I really like about the Singapore is the stroller can almost go every way every corner in Singapore! Not like last time we went to KL walk at Alor street using the stroller wa jialat lah have to fight with the car then can get the way out there!
On the first day we went to Singapore via Royal Brunei our Brunei International Airport the new check in counter also the first day operate too.. Is a trail so there is still many thing haven't complete but I also happy to see that and I first using it..hehehe
Anyway... there is few thing I want to share with you all which is getting a line for your smart phone! I use iPhone5 and it need the Nano sim card one.. They also have a prepaid one like I have in Bangkok there. Is cheap lah Bruthers.... only S$38.00 and 1GB of local data for 1 week use.. For me just nice lah ngam ngam for my trip that's why I can update my IG and FB during the trip some more is 4G it was fast man!!! Recommended you use this from Singtel. Go those 7-11 or Mobile phone shop have already and remember to bring your passport oh!! Not need deposit and sign contract one... awesome right!
And there is 3 apps I think you also should have it before you visit Singapore which is the iChangi, MySentosa and Taxi Booking! This three apps really useful during my trip especially the Taxi Booking. iChangi is the apps use at the Changi Airport like check the flight arrive time at which terminal, luggage belt. MySentosa is good if you visit the Sentosa!! try it you may like it too!!

This is our new check in counter and it start already..  

Feel like in the spaceship here... hehe

This is the one I use for my phone!!!

Remember to download this three apps if you go Singapore oh... and is free!! 

Why I like this taxi booking is I not need to worries to tell the operator where is my location. I so easy to use and very fast to confirm me back what is the taxi number!!! awesome...

Sungai Liang's Fried Kuey Teow Open In Town

I'm sure you all already know where is the Sungai Liang's fried Kuey Teow right! Is just next to the simpang to Labi or the Sungai Liang traffic light there! If you still don't know each fried kuey teow I talking about here then you click HERE or Here and read I had post it in my blog before! 
Now we not need go far far and eat their famous fried kuey teow at Sungai Liang there. In town here we also can eat but of coz is not now lah... they haven't open yet! If everything go smooth they going to open after the Chinese New Year lah... which is not so far from now!
So where are they open the new outlet? 
It open at the Haji Munchit & Hajah Dayang Rapiah Complex first unit next to Sui Heng and also same block with Jolly Language School too
Now I looking forward to try their Kuey Teow see which one is better or both are the same taste!!

Ngam ngam the owner open door and check the restaurant I got snap a photo how their restaurant look inside...hehehe

Mirror Case For iPad

Have you ever feel tired holding upright you ipad to taking video and photo? Ever think about that you can put on the table or holding horizontal position of your ipad and still can take photo and video?
There you go use this MirrieCase you'll experience a new way of taking video and photo!
It fit perfectly for ipad 2,3,4. suitable for meeting or lecture if you want to do recording. Or you can also in the restaurant put it on the table to record a man having a ugly look eating his kolomee he will never notice it!
Only left one and is new never open selling for B$150.00. Interested please whatsapp 8876264. No reserve, no booking, no discount and  no refundable. First come first serve! 
Click video and watch how it works!

Adata Portable HDD

Concepts Computer is introducing rugged and durable storage solutions from Adata, an internationally recognised and multi-award winning data solutions and IT solutions provider.

The AData DashDrive HD710 is an award-winning external hard disk solution which provides mobile, rapid, and dependable data access in a rugged and sporty package. The housing of the HD710 is from a unique silicone material which provides extra protection, and the drive also incorporates military-grade shockproof and waterproof (IPX7 standard) construction with an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface. Its lively outlook and dynamic design match the requirements and style of sports and outdoor enthusiasts who needs quick access to their data while in the rough.

 The AData DashDrive HD710 passed stringent IEC 529 IPX7 tests, in which the device proved water-tight after being submerged in a meter-deep water for up to 30 minutes. The Adata DashDrive HD710 also passed the stringent Military MIL-STD-810G 516.6 drop test which means that it is capable of handling the toughest conditions, and still deliver the blazing fast USB 3.0 transmission speed consumers have come to expect. Also for better access and safety, the USB cable tucks into a wrap-around exterior slot in the drive casing, providing an elegant storage solution that matches the highly practical characteristics of the device. The AData DashDrive HD710 2.5” external hard drive also features a bright blue LED indicator that shines through the enclosure to indicate power and data transfer status, making it easier to visually confirm data transfer and connectivity.
The AData DashDrive HD710 will be available from Concepts Computers for $118 for the 500GB capacity, and $168 for the 1TB capacity, color options that will be available includes blue, yellow, and black. During this time, Concepts Computer will also have special offer for their Concepts Computer members who has the Concepts Computer membership pendrives; the  AData DashDrive HD710 1TB will be available for $148 and the 500GB will be available for $108 as long as they show their Concepts Computer membership pendrives during their purchase of the  AData DashDrive HD710.

Concepts Computer is also introducing Podium Lecterns which can be used for Corporate or Government functions, for announcements or even for doa recitals. These Podium Lecterns are easy to set up and can be ready to use in a matter of minutes. It has built-in speakers but also have the ability to connect to external speakers and to accept audio inputs from players and a wireless mic system. These Podium Lecterns come in black to ensure a formal look making it perfect for any function. These Podium Lecterns will be available from Concepts Computer for $998.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer said, “This launch is the beginning of a great expansion for Concepts Computer to provide digital storage solutions for all situations, may it be in an office environment or even in a more rugged environment like in the jungles of Borneo. We know how important digital data storage is to our customers so we will work harder to provide a much larger range of great digital storage solutions at the best prices for the consumers of Brunei Darussalam in the year 2014.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer added, ”We would also like to take this opportunity  in the beginning of 2014 say thank you to our loyal customers who are also Concepts Computer members by giving them the opportunity to purchase this great product at a promotional price, so that our loyal customers do not have to choose between reliability, high performance and affordability.”

Also, don't forget to enjoy the many promotions available at Concepts Computer right now during the Brunei Salebrations 2014, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552 for more information.

My Childhood Trick

Hahahaha I'm sorry if this scaring you Bruther but this is how we have fun when we are a little boy during the 80's!  We don't know smartphone no apps to play.. most of our toys or games are DIY even this Flip the Eyelid also took me many time then baru success! 
Seriously now I think back I don't know what's the fun of doing this I feel kinda stupid now. But back in the old day if you know how to do something that other people cannot do or don't know how to do you are Steady and OutStanding lah! 
I wonder who is the one who started this game during that time! I think that person who started this he must be very very boring one!! How does he know that there is another layer behind the eyelid and you can flip it and do like that! 
Ok.. nest time any Zombie costume party I no need to make up one.. just flip my eyelid can already lah....hahahahah

Suzuki Roadshow At Citis Square

 Come check it out Suzuki Roadshow at Citis Square from 13th-19th January 2014 10am-10pm. Start from 16th December 2013 – 31st March 2014 buy Grand Vitara, APV,Swift, Swift Sport, Alto, Jimny you may win..... 
1st – Trip for two to Gold Coast, Australia and enjoy a fun filled day at Sea World plus a free gift Go Pro.  
2nd – Trip for two to Bali, Indonesia and a free Go Pro. 
3rd – Trip for two to Phuket, Thailand and a free Go Pro.
If I win 1st prize right.. I think I'll ask the 2nd prize winner to exchange with me..heheheh Coz I already go Gold Coast few years ago. Phuket also been there already only the Bali haven't go and don't know how was it! Me still haven't plan this year where I want to go... mmm Bali... can think think oh!!

Hermosa Couture

Recently me eat full full got nothing to do after sending my daughter to go I go Kiulap jalan jalan and see one shop kinda catch my eyes and I think some Daddy Mommy got kids at home like me got 2 little girl also may like this place! A kids boutique just opened 2 week ago at the same block of Hokko 1st floor! Very easy to find one.. Just use the left next to Hokko press 1 and turn right then walk about 3 or 4 shop then is their shop call Hermosa Couture. You may also follow their IG @hermosacouture_kidsboutique to see their latest update! 
I found one thing of their kid's wear quite interesting is the size.. which is they one bring in 3 size for each pattern... Nice!!! Not only that oh.. and I also found that their prices also reasonable! 
Chinese New Year is coming soon and now also the best time to shopping for buying baju for the kids lucky I found this place and now got more choice for the daddy mommy to choice baju for their kids! 
More if the kids wear size here are from age 1 plus to 8 and mostly for girls!!
Boys also have but not much. I had asked the owner she said eventually their bring in more for boys!

Panorama view of Hermosa Couture!

Address and contact number!

Chevrolet Trailblazer

As the sultanate ushers in the new year, GHK Sdn Bhd introduces the new Chevrolet Trailblazer which is now available. The new Trailblazer is a large size SUV intended to stand out with its style and practicality. A perfect harmony of design and luxury makes Chevrolet Trailblazer an ideal choice for those who are looking for something different. Whatever lies ahead, you’ll be more than ready.

The new Trailblazer is the largest SUV in its class and one look at it will tell you that its size simply outmatch the competition. It comes with:
·       Projector headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights
·       Read LED brake lights
·       Electric adjustable mirrors with signal lights
·       Fog lamps
·       Reverse Sensors
·       18” alloy wheels

Makes every ride a pleasurable journey with all the accessories you need along with spacious and luxurious cabin room. The interior features:
·       Auto air-conditioning
·       Mylink Multimedia Audio System, with radio, USB socket, Bluetooth, CD/DVD capability, AUX port, picture viewer, video capability and touch screen.
·       Cruise Control
·       Steering Audio Control
·       6-speed automatic plus manual mode
·       6 speakers
·       Leather seats

The 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine with 4 cylinders and 16 valves delivers 178 horsepower  and 470 nm torque at 2,000 rpm. This high-performance, fuel-efficient engine employs the direct injection system, Variable Geometry Turbo and an intercooler to boost torque at low revolutions. A servo motor controlled by the ECM (engine control module) improves driving performance while also delivering noticeable improvement in fuel efficiency.
The Trailblazer comes with the 4WD mode button, can electronically change from 2WD to 4WD Hi and 4WD Lo. The controls are laid out in a perfect location that makes them easy to use.

Safety is always a priority to guard against challenges ahead. A high-strength safety body structure and a large chassis offer excellent protection, every trip, every day. The Trailblazer comes with safety features such as:
·       High durable body frame
·       Driver and passenger airbags
·       Electric Stability Control
·       Hill Descent Control
·       ABS

The first 15 customers who book the Trailblazer will be entitled to a free adventure package items for outdoor activities, as well as a $500 discount.

Customers can drop by to GHK Chevrolet showroom for better viewing as well as follow us on our facebook page ( for any upcoming promotions, events and activities.

Look... still have plenty of space.

I think put a double size air bed also can!!