Winter Solstice

Tell you some thing about the the "DongZhi" aka Winter Solstice that you may not know one! 
Next time if you don't know when is the date of DongZhi never mind, there is a very simple way to remember when, Just remember 3 days before Christmas that is the Dongzhi!!! 
Dongzhi not like Chinese new year.. every year is deferent date on the Angmo's calender! Some time January some time February but the Dongzhi surely is 3 days before Christmas one! 
Another things is after the Dongzhi the Day time is longer than night time!!! you don't believe then you have to wake up early and look at the sky loh! The photo above is this morning 6am I take one! you see that or not the sky already very bright there! 
Anyway... Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!