Tour of The Day

Today is a Sunny Hot day and it also is a tired but fun trip for me too! Today I follow the Beach Bunch team showing the speakers than we invited them for our Beach Bunch International Roundtable 2013
Tomorrow they all have to balik kampong so today we show them around the interested places in town.  First stop is we show them the Museum, The last time I came here I think is last year I bring my kids here and the museum some parts is under renovation now so not much thing to show them.. to bad right! But the fun part of the trip is at the boat trip visiting the Brunei River lah... Aiyo even me I makan nasi here grown up one this river trip also is my first time masuk the Pulau Berambang mangrove forest see the proboscis monkeys and the best part of the trip is we went to the other side of the island. It has the best river view in Brunei!! 
Too bad my phone was low batt when we reach there can't take much photo to show you all how is look like there but if next time I have a chance to go there again I surely bring extra battery this time! 

After visit the museum we went to the Sungai Besar and have a rest and also take a look the Pulau Cermin and also have a little history around this area! 

Next stop The Royal Regalia.. this place is a must to bring tourist come here see see look look!!

After the Royal Regalia we all very hungry and went to Bali Paradise having lunch...

After lunch our next stop bring the Beach Bunch International Roundtable 2013 speakers is here Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque: Brunei's Largest Mosque is Amazing!
Now only 2 plus in the afternoon and we all can't wait to go see Kg Air and the proboscis monkeys so Sun block is a must if not later Sunburn jialat tu!!

Look isn't it beautiful with our Mangrove Forest!!!
The moment it was so awesome when we entering the forest, no one in the boat are allow to making noise. Everyone look up the tree and search for wild animal and it was so silence one the have the Voice of Nature! 

Do you see the blue color mountain I pointing? That's is Temburong!!

We are at the back of the Pulau Berambang here... Left side is Limbang, right side is Brunei!!!

I was so surprise to see there is people living at the other side of the Pulau Berambang. It was so far away from us. No phone line, No Internet, No shop no mall no restaurant. It make me think of they all love to live here is because they love the Nature!! I not sure they have power and tap water or not oh...

The Brunei River boat trip finish at 6 something. The last stop we went to Gadong Pasar Malam and having dinner...Bruthers is you want to buy Durian come here, I saw many people selling Durian Putih and Kuning there!